Poke The Skunk

  • When:11/14/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Strange Brew, Crab Cake, Jamboree, Hops, Monkey Joe, Stage Coach, Baracus (FNG Brian Anderson ), Run Stopper, Donkey Kong, McGee, The Drill, Short Sale, Wanker, Header, Far Side, Bugeater, Dolphin, Thin Crust, Ray Charles, Tiger Rag and one more....

Poke The Skunk

Twenty one Pax learned that sometimes you CAN poke the skunk.



  • Little Baby Jog to covered breezeway
  • SSH x 30
  • Sprint to wall and back
  • I-Walker x 20
  • Sprint to wall and back
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • Slow Groiners x 10
  • Little Baby Jog back to HS
  • Lunge Walk x 50 yards



  • Around the world x 10 (R, L)
  • Snatch Negatives x 5L / x 5R
  • Cleans x 5L / x 5R
  • Two-handed swing x 20
  • One-handed swing x 15L / x 15R
  • Clean & Press x 10L / x 10R
  • Snatch x10L / x 10R
  • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Snatch & Squat x 5L / x 5R
  • Clean & Squat x 10L / x 10R
  • Goblet Lunge x 10L / x 10R
  • Halo x 10L / x 10R
  • Two-handed swing x 20
  • One-handed swing x 10L / x 10R
  • One-legged Romanian dead lift x 8L / x 8R
  • Louganis x 10
  • Mason Twist x 10
  • One-legged glute bridge & chest press x 10L / x 10R




  • After five days of piano wire hammies from last-week’s KB intro, YHC dialed it back a little for week 2.  All in the name of self-preservation for the coming weekend’s marathon experiment where we answer the question no one is asking, “Can F3 and 6 miles a week prepare you for a marathon?”  Hope you still got your money’s worth.
  • McGee, no doubt feeling saucy with the impending release from the inlaws’ guestroom, poked the Skunk twice the morning to no effect.   The Pax were disappointed time ran out before the fine suggestion of KB burpees.
  • Dolphin (from the Greek meaning, “fish with a womb”) appearing out of the gloom after running 3+ miles to the workout.  Strong. (Would have been stronger had he brought his kettlebell…just sayin’).
  • Stage Coach scores his first (?) EH: Welcome to FNG Baracus who posted on a rainy, chilly morning with his old-man dumb bell.
  • Make good on your Leatherneck by 11/15 or you will be replaced.
  • HC for Metro Christmas Party on 12-8 and the GORUCK on the website.

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11 years ago

Touche. I just thought a few burpees would be a nice cap to the painfest.

11 years ago

Maybe just 20 of the PAX were upset that we didnt do burpees. I was fine with that after a burpee overdose Monday at Split Endz.

Good workout, TR. And thanks for helping us to focus on technique with those KB’s.

11 years ago

Great workout TR. Pretty sure Thin Crust was filling his drawers with KB-sized nuggets this morning…brutal brother. The pain and rain was tough enough without the incessant crop-dusting!

11 years ago

I brought my “skunk” stripe kettlebell and was still left off!

11 years ago

What I like best about this workout is that it was #BackBlasted the day before it happened.

11 years ago

That’s how we roll in the Southlands Dredd….looking to the future.

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