Thank You Lt. Michael Murphy!

  • When:11/03/12
  • QIC: Mall Cop w/ the help of Tiger Rag and Hops for 20 mins of Mary
  • The PAX: Field Of Dreams, Jamboree, Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Smash, FNG Norman Gwinn (Sputnik), FNG Ryan Preston (Garland), Lost Weekend, Ninja Turtle, Stage Coach, Short Sale, Cheese Curd, Big League Chew, Hacker, Ray Charles, Hops, Yankee, Bug Eater, Ocho Cinco, Deep Dish, Uncle Leo, Alex P. Keaton (APK), Run Stopper, Mall Cop

Thank You Lt. Michael Murphy!

24 Brave souls posted in the fridged gloom to take on the Murph with 20 minutes of Mary / Core tacked on at the end!


Warmup:  Mosey to the starting line measuring 1 mile for a quick SSH x 20, then the gun went off sending the Pax off to the races!


The Thang:


Run 1 mile from the starting line at Calvary Church down Pineville-Matthews Rd to McAlpine Elementary Owl Bars and sidewalk railings.  Perform 100 pullups / Australian pullups, 200 Merkins, and 300 Squats broken up into 10 sets of 10 pullups, 20 Merkins, and 30 squats.  Run 1 mile back to the measured line at Calvary Church.


20 some odd minutes of Mary / Core exercises:

LBC x 50

Rosalita x 30

1 Legged Dolly x 10 L, and x 10 R

Dying Cockroach x 20

Can’t remember the Rep #s of following:

Freddie Mercury

1 Legged Flutter L & R

Mason Twist

Trunk Twist

Crunchy Frog

Plank – Regular, L arm up, L leg up, regular, R arm up, R leg up, Regular

Couple of minutes of Stretch Armstrong



Naked Moleskin:


Thank you Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy Seal, KIA in Afghanistan June 28, 2005 (Medal of Honor recipient).  We are honored and privilleged to have the freedom and opportunity to do what we do because of you and all the other men and women who sacrifice by the service they give to our country, some by the ultimate sacrifice!  We also thank you for the workout you called Armor, which was renamed in your honor (The Murph), although most of us were calling BS on it after about set #7 or 8.


Strong work by all today!  This was the South Charlotte Pax innaugural running of The Murph and the Pax blew away the clock with times much faster than we all expected.  Most Pax finished The Murph between 35 to 40 minutes.


Kings of the Mountain were Tiger Rag, Ocho Cinco, and Uncle Leo who blazed through the workout and sprinted the mile back home.  By the time YHC got back to the 20 minutes of Mary they had already done 50 LBCs and had just started the Rosalita.  Strong guys!


And to top it all off, our resident Aqua Man, Uncle Leo, dove into the indoor heated olympic sized pool somewhere in South Charlotte, (perhaps Charlotte Latin?) to warm up for the Murph by swimming for about 45 mins.  And he still finished The Murph 3rd!  You da MAN Uncle Leo.  Are you training for a TRI or swimming just for the love of exercise?


We had 2 FNGs today at The Rock (Sputnik and Garland) who had no idea what they were getting into with The Murph until it was too late.  As YHC started explaining what we would be doing they both took off for their cars.  We all started yelling for them to not be too scared, but alas they where either getting some gloves or shedding a sweat shirt and hussled back to our ball of man prior to starting.  Come back out guys, it was a pleasure making a #downPAINment on the day with you and we look forward to doing it many more times in the future.


Today was a high water mark for total South Charlotte Pax posting with 50, as Death Valley had 26 of their own including 7 FNGs for “Rookie Day”!  It was also great to have a quest Pax Field Of Dreams from the Metro AG/Cotswold Pax join us for The Murph.  YHC met FOD at the Armor Friday workout as 5 of us posted for a downPAINment yesterday (Hops, Jamboree, Cheese Curd, Wanker, and YHC) and we talked about our festivites today.  It was great getting to know you better at coffeetiria.


Special thanks to Alex P. Keaton (APK) for a fantastic prayer in the COT to send us out today.  Way to bring that 3rd F brother!

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The Shore
10 years ago

Great job out there today guys! Good to see so many out there embracing the suck. Can’t wait to get back out there next week with you all again. See you then!

10 years ago

Great leadership always leads to big numbers Brother. It’s one of the #IronLaws of F3. Keep it up down there and you’ll here the dreaded call: #BreakItUp

10 years ago

@The Shore – want 1/2 the Q next Saturday at The Rock?

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Great job guys! Changing the world one FNG at a time!

10 years ago

Awesome workout. Thanks Mall Cop for arranging this. I am looking forward to doing it periodically to get a good idea of my fitness progress.
Hopefully , I will get to join you guys for coffee. Early soccer games keep conspiring against that plan.

10 years ago

Strong murph beat down in the cool brisk morn. Great to get a burn on and see what 12 weeks of F3 glory could do. Lets keep the burn on and the count strong.

Run Stopper
10 years ago

Great work this weekend, Mall Cop!

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