PR’s all around

  • When:08/30/12
  • QIC: The Shore, Stone Cold
  • The PAX: The Shore, Jetski, Ray Charles, Stone Cold, Joker, Donkey Kong, Pretty Boy QB, Hops, Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Mall Cop, Dora

PR’s all around

The Thang:

12 Pax met at 5:15 or 5:30 to run 3-6 miles. This being the end of our first month at the Devil’s Turn, we timed ourselves to gauge our progress. Of course, since we hadn’t timed ourselves before, we all set personnal records. Here are the official times. Presumably, there’s plenty of room for improvement:

The Shore (6 mi) 46:08, Jetski (6) 47:08, Ray Charles (4) 36:14, Stone Cold (4 miles) 29:22, Joker (4) 29:15, Donkey Kong (4) 30:16, Pretty Boy QB (4) 31:39, Hops (4) 32:50, Deep Dish (4) 33:17, Dora (4) 42:22, Thin Crust (3 miles?) 41:26, Mall Cop (3) 33:15

Naked Moleskin:

We have survived the first month and have a strong core of Pax who make the journey most Thursday mornings. Strong work by all.

Dora went exploring this morning and found himself straight out into the wilderness of the Greenway. His headlamp was flailing about looking for the right path when he was directed toward the 2 mile marker. With the help of his mental mapa he did make it back to the start, though he might have actually run 4.2 miles.

Our first month ended with today’s time trials. Our second month, next week, begins with woods and hills. Bring your headlamp!

Today is the last day to sign up for the group discount for the March Spartan Sprint through F3. The entire Shore clan is signed up. From what I saw this morning, so should be all from the Devil’s Turn grounds. Get on it!

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11 years ago


Stone Cold
11 years ago

Was like Batman chasing the Joker but couldn’t quite catch him. Strong wheels, bro!

11 years ago

Looks like several guys should have the confidence to move it up to the 6 mile distance! Recovery day for me today, and doubtful that I’ll be there next week for hills due to the BRR starting the next day.

Reply to  Bratwurst
11 years ago

My advice is not to get suckered into running things by Bratwurst. He will hurt you the way he hurt me.

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