Hills and Whistles-Love em!

  • When:08/07/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Joker, The Nibbler, The Shore, Donkey Kong, Countertop, Mall Cop, Thin Crust, Deep Dish, Sparky, Pretty Boy QB, Ray Charles, Jamboree, McGee, Hops

Hills and Whistles-Love em!

The Shovel Flag was planted at 0520, 15 brave souls posted to launch at 0530 in the gloom…just beating the rain.

The Thang:

Run around church campus to bottom of The Hill

SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 25

Prison Squat x 25


Jacob’s ladder with Bear Crawl Up and Crab Walk Down- Burpees at the top

Plank, Elbow Plank

Back to CDS lot for Circuit Work Station– partner up (1min each then switch w/ partner) Listen for the Whistle!

Tire Flips/Farmers Carry with shrugs

Pull-ups/ Incline rows

Partner Merkins/Med ball sit-ups

Walking Lunges with 10lbs/15lbs

Chairs Dips/ Weighted Burpees

Box jumps/Med Ball toss

Run the Track w/ karaoke

COP- Mary

LBC x25

Dolly x 25

Rosalita x 25

Mason Twist- 50 count


Naked Moleskin:

The Shore posted today with a Captian America shirt and his new gloves recommended and sponsored by the PBR (not Pabst Blue Ribbon but Pro Bull Riders)…not quite sure what The Shore thought we were gonna get into this am but as always he was ready.

T-claps for strong Hill work to Pretty boy QB, Ray Charles and McGee (who called BS btw, Good to see ya McGee)

The Nibbla and Sparky posted!  Welcome back brothers.

Joker needs to stop drinking milk before Skunk Works- his lactose intolerance seems to kick up a mulititude of 1-man salutes….although it didn’t seem to keep the fire ants off of him.

FYI..Mall Cop is allegic to “some weed” on the field.  Somebody get the calamine lotion out of the first aid kit.








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11 years ago

Strong regimen Stone Cold. Loved it.
Donkey Kong must have gotten into the same stuff as Mall Cop and Joker…all part of the downPainment ….Aye!

11 years ago

Good turnout today… new guys, old guys and everything in between. Random thoughts…
– Nibbler is the resident F3 nomad, and could show up at any location on any given day. Fear the Nibbler.
-Thin Crust and Mall Cop are sheeding lbs fast and furious… very impressive work over the last couple of months, but you may need new nicknames if you achieve featherweight status.
-I was very tempted to fartsac it this morning… glad I came to my senses. Carrying two buckets full of concrete at 0545 is a great way to start the day!

11 years ago

@Nibbler! makes the rounds to all the strength workouts. He was at DH yesterday. If F3/Raleigh starts one, he’ll probably go up there. He told me during the #HurricaneHeat (one of the many events he never paid for but just showed up at) that he’s “just a bandy-legged old-school catcher who should have worn his mask more consistently”

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