Merkin Mayhem

ByHaggis May 21, 2013

14 Sons of Ballantyne attacked the day with a gentle combo featuring merkins and abs. The Thang: Warm up Personal record Merkin Day (as many

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Hill Mary, Full of Pain

ByMarket Timer May 14, 2013

The VSF was planted, and 15 men decided hitting the snooze button is no way to live.  Nice, cool  morning made the plaid & pleats of the #v

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Slow dips burn

ByHaggis May 7, 2013

15 powerhouses attacked the morning with a few merkins and stuff. The Thang: Warm up: 25 side straddle hop, 25 mountain climber, 15 merkin Mos

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Bagpipe – struggling in the gloom

ByHaggis Apr 30, 2013

11 strong men gathered for a beating at the inaugural Bagpipe workout. The Thang: Warm-up: 25 side straddle hop, 25 mountain climber, 20 merki

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Bagpipe! New Tuesday workout in Ballantyne

ByHaggis Apr 29, 2013

The first Bagpipe workout will be tomorrow at 5:30 from the Vine restaurant in Ballantyne.  Bootcamp style with all the fun of Stonehenge conden

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