Bagpipe bursts a bag

  • When:01/06/15
  • QIC: Chipotle
  • The PAX: Chippy, Bratwurst, Long Haul, Rump Roast, Strangebrew, Honey Beea, Dear Abbey, Wingman, Mermaid, Abacus, Cable Guy, Champagne, Turnpike, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Garbage Plate, Morning After, Wild Turkey, POP, Mic Check, Margot, Go Daddy, Comish, Sippy Cup, Pop Tart, Big Tuna, Frehleys Comet, Market Timer, Loogie, Hairball, JR Ewing, Dig Dog, Patch Adams, Heartbreaker, Cain, Dumpster Fire, Soft Pretzel, Rock Thrill, Stump Hugger, Frazier.

Bagpipe bursts a bag

29 Pipers crushed the parking deck at Bagpipe.  12 Swifters ran around the hood.  Typical Tuesday morning at the SOB hideout.

Haggis posting for Chipotle

The Thang:

Run to parking deck for warm up: 20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Imperial Walker, 20 Merkins

Run to top of the deck and partner up.  One partner run to the bottom and back up while the other does an exercise.  Exercises were something like this (sorry, I have probably missed a few).

Burpees, Merkins, Little Baby Crunch, Elbow Plank, Wall Squats, Regular Squats … plus a few more.  Doesn’t sound like much, but everyone got their money’s worth with the running up and down.  Chippy kept us honest with words of wisdom and encouragement (“get your belly off the ground”, etc,etc).

Run back to Vine for COT.


41 combined pax is a record.  Awesome push for the New Year!

Strong running by Cain and Mermaid racing up the deck – nice work.

Great to see Commish out for his third workout in as many days.  Strong.

Some of the old timers (Mic Check, Market Timer), definitely getting a bit sloppy on the elbow plank.  Mic Check would rather do the J Lo.

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Market Timer
7 years ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa…. I was doing 10 seconds up, 5 rest, repeato.
Sound off below if you did an elbow plank for 2.5 minutes straight.
ok, thanks.

ok..maybe 10 seconds rest…

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
7 years ago

Definitely a fan of Chipotle’s menu. TClaps for today.

Not sure who it was during LBCs or elbow planks, but I think i can still see a green gaseous cloud hovering over the top floor of that parking deck. Think I got some stuck in my teeth. Never wanted to run so badly in my life.

7 years ago

Great Q Chipotle. Simple and very effective. Left me completely smoked. Always enjoy the deck work. Well, I enjoy knowing that it is making us stronger. Really strong running by the group I was in. Iron sharpens iron.

Awesome to see so many PAX and set a Bagpipe record.

Dear Abby
Reply to  Mermaid
7 years ago

Aye, thanks for pushing us Mermaid

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