Bagpipe (posted by Soft Pretzel on behalf of Outback)

  • When:12/16/14
  • QIC: Outback
  • The PAX: Bagpipe (20) = Mic Check, Loogie, Margot, Wild Turkey, Pop Tart, Outback, Chipotle, Frehley's Comet (Respect-WD), Tootie, Pebbles (Respect-WD), Rump Roast, Patch Adams, Brisket, Morning After, Soft Pretzel, Cable Guy, Dear Abby (WB), Big Tuna, Garbage Plate, Go Daddy Swift (7) = Haggis, Long Haul (WD), Rock Thrill, Wing Man, Abacus, Tiger Rag (LIFO), Bratwurst (WB)

Bagpipe (posted by Soft Pretzel on behalf of Outback)

First sign of trouble on my first Q started the night before when my co Q, Mr. Bean, pulled out.  Something about pneumonia, I still think that was a soft excuse not matter what you M said.  Seriously get better soon.

On game day a total of 20 fool hardy men entrusted the Q to a Kiwi named Outback.  Given the tremendous language barrier that existed it was always going to be a struggle. With the disclaimer provided (thanks for the reminder Soft Pretzel) we started the pain.

The Thang:

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Merkins x 15

At this stage Q was running out of breath on the counts so first audible was to start the main event a little early.

Mosey to the Premiere Deck

Based on extensive planning and a site visit the night before, this virgin Q had planned an extensive parking deck workout.  Good so far,  we started off in the peoples chair and got to enjoy 20 deep squats as the winkie foretold.  Second sign of trouble, Security arrived.  Not sure what Freshley’s had done to or on the decks in the past (sorry mate had to blame someone) but we were asked to leave.   Not looking good on the virgin Q to have the entire F3 team banned from the parking deck. No time for sorrows so Q called his second audible and we headed to the soccer field.

On the soccer field we started with the legs:

20 Deep squats

20 Front lunge (10 each leg)

20 Side lunge  (20 each leg)

15 Sumo squats

Between each we backwards ran across the field, sprinted back and held a squat until all together

Enough with the legs time for some Merkins

10 Diamonds

20 Wide arm

30 Hand release

20 Wide arm

Diamonds until failure

20 Dry docks & 10 Burpees

Between each we sprinted to the other end of the field and held plank until all together

Last set titled let’s find that six pack.

30 LBCs

30 Bicycles

30 Russian twists

30 in and outs (10 std and 10 each side)

30 Plank jacks

20 J-Lo’s

Between each we sprinted to the other end of the field and held the protractor at 6 inches until all together

At this point Q’s brain was frazzled as I know we did another quick set which I believe where Merkin’s, Dolly’s and Rosalita’s and then started a nice mosey home.  Interrupted the mosey with 20 front lunges, plank and a squat hold waiting for traffic.  Across the road safely to CVS, Q called jail brake and away we went.  We arrived at the AO with 3 mins to burn so decided to cool down with the protractor.  Q called time however, Swift was not back so Mic Check called the six inch plank hold until are other brothers arrived (good call).

Thanks to all who joined in the pain this fine morning, it was a pleasure taking the lead.

Announcements: Joe Davis Sign-ups still going on.

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7 years ago

Thanks for leading Outback. Great job!

Stump Hugger
7 years ago

Tclaps on your VQ!!

Mr. Bean
7 years ago

Nice job Outback. Sorry mate pneumonia hit me hard but a good weeks rest has done me good. See you after Christmas.

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