Listen to the Children’s Laughter

Listen to the Children’s Laughter

The evening was perfect. The table was set. Candles lighted to bring in the sunset from the Westward sky.

The change of venue to the table on the terrace was a nice touch by the Matre’ D.

13 men with children in tow arrived for the 5:30 at the best eatery in town. The specials tonight were Spaghetti legs and Perfectly charred wings and thighs.

Mosey from HS lot to the traffic circle via the sidewalk for stretching and planks. We were joined by C3PO, Johnny5 and T1000 as they were fashionably late.


Mosey to the awning at the HS gym for Triple Nickel- Run up stairs to wall at gym entrance for 5 Mike Tysons then run down sidewalk to tip of the spear for 5 Big Boys or 5 V-ups(your choice) R/R for 4 more rounds. Planks for the 6.
Mosey to sidewalk near Poop Palace and grab a lifting rock.

Here comes Chatterbox and Ruckin to join the party of 16 to make it 18. (Seems they stayed at the bar a little longer to finish their cocktails). Spread out on curb and do 25 curls. Lunge walk to other side of drive and do 25 squats and Lunge walk back to your rock for 25 Overhead presses. Lunge walk to other side of drive for 25 Carolina dry docks and lunge walk back to your rock.

Return the rocks and mosey to Wood benches at Middle School for 25 dips and run to MS entrance and do 20 step ups on picnic table benches. R/R doing 15 & 10. Then do all again for a second round. Al Gore for the 6.

Return to COT for cool down stretching and ending with 1:00 of have a nice day.

Was nice to end the way we did. The peaceful sound of children laughing and the faint sound of life moving around us for a solid minute where we could put everything we’re carrying down and just lie there and listen. Reflecting on my expectations of the minute-long have a nice day was that it would be quiet without anything to distract from the serenity, however, I found it much more peaceful to hear those kids laughing and really made the brief moment that much better. ”And now deep thoughts… by Jack Handy”


Waxhaw AOs shutting down for Thanksgiving to encourage support for Turkey Trot-like activities that are important to each of us. Several from which to choose.

6 year anniversary at Commitment on Saturday.

Blue Screen took us out with a prayer.

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