Diesel’s BACK

Diesel’s BACK

8 PAX at the official Diesel AO! It feels good to be back home. Nothing wrong with the Crests of Briar basketball courts, of course, but it just makes it feel more official to head to Five Stones. Of course, it’ll be even better once we start using all the gear from the box again, but we’ll take what we can get. Today was a coupon/dumbbell day tabata style. If you’re not familiar, tabata is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout where you work hard for a set amount of time then rest for a short period, usually cycling through multiple different exercises. It fits Diesel perfectly as we have a variety of stationary exercises that allows you to transition quickly between one weight or another.

DiCCS given


Exercise Time Rest
SSH 0:30 0:10
Imperial Walkers 0:30 0:10
Potato Pickers 0:30 0:10
Calf Stretch 0:30 0:10
Moroccan Night Clubs 0:30 0:10

The Thang:

Exercise Time Rest
Merkin 0:30 0:10
Big Boi Sit Ups 0:30 0:10
Curls 0:30 0:10
Overhead Triceps 0:30 0:10
Low Slow Squat 0:30 0:10


Exercise Time Rest
Irkin 0:30 0:10
LBCs 0:30 0:10
Shoulder Press 0:30 0:10
Seated Dips 0:30 0:10
Speed Skaters 0:30 0:10


Exercise Time Rest
Derkin 0:30 0:10
Kettle Bell Swings 0:30 0:10
Hammer Curls 0:30 0:10
Coupon Negative 0:30 0:10
Weighted Moroccan Night Clubs 0:30 0:10

Repeato The Thang 4 times. Aww yeah.



Good seeing all these guys again. Drop Thrill made the trek up from The Fort? Indian Land? Eh…somewhere in South Carolina and brought his own kettle bells. Ponzi started F3 this past Monday so it was great seeing him out again.


  • Q Source – started a new session this morning at Cuthbertson Middle School and had 11 guys in attendance. Come check it out! It isn’t too late to start becoming a leader. You can order a book or just check out the materials for free here: Q Source Index – F3 – We’ll continue each Friday from 0700-0730 at Cuthbertson Middle School. Bring a chair and a coffee cup!
  • 100 PAX Challenge – Our goal is to get 100 PAX to donate $100 ($10,000 total for those that hate math) that we’ll donate to 2-3 local charities. It doesn’t have to be $100, though. Give $5, $20, $200, whatever you can give. We’d like to have it in by the beginning of June so get cracking. Details on GroupMe or reach out to Bottle Cap or Recalculating for more details.

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