Can You Hear Me Now???

Can You Hear Me Now???

This was the first virtual workout for Bagpipe and all of YHC’s 3rd time using Zoom.  It wasn’t pretty but we got it done.

It all started when my M’s new Chromebook wouldn’t hold a WiFi signal in my garage.  We were 3 minutes into the workout before YHC realized that the PAX couldn’t hear or see me.  Uh oh.  That’s when Kirby stepped in to calm the crowd and tell a few jokes while YHC did some technical troubleshooting.  This involved (but was not limited to) logging back into the Zoom Room (is that what it’s called?) on YHC’s trusted iPhone.  We’re all set now…..wait….YHC kept getting booted from the meeting because my iPhone was using the same weak WiFi signal (duh!).  Stupid technology.  Switching to iPhone data streaming solved all the problems and off we went and here’s what we did:


-SSH x 20 IC

-IW x 20 IC

-Hillbilly x 20 IC

-Windmill x 10 IC

-LSS x 20 IC

-Merkin x 10 IC


5 minute run OYO (of course it’s OYO because this is a virtual workout).  I have no idea where everyone else went but I made it a good ways through my neighborhood and back.


5 one minute exercises:

1. Merkins

2. Heels to Heaven

3. X’s and O’s

4. Flutter

5. Plank


5 minute run OYO


5 one minute exercises:

1. Burpees

2. Dolly

3. Box Cutters

4. Chippy Cross


Hard stop at 0610 where Kirby took over for COT and landed the plane with the most awkward namarama on record.


Overall, I think this was a success.  Had it not been for the technical difficulties at the beginning, it would have gone much better.  But it was great to see the PAX and get a good workout in.  I have not woken up before 7 am in 3 weeks.  There’s no substitute for the physical Gloom, but this will do just fine for now.  We will adapt.  We will move forward.  F3 is NOT closed.

Tagalong was the first to greet YHC this morning in the Zoom Room.  I got to watch him foam roll his back while admiring his clean garage.

Kirby and War Eagle posted “together” from a fancy shopping center and were so properly socially distanced that they had to log in on separate devices.  I enjoyed the music that was playing in the background.

Cottonmouth joined us a few minutes late after having some log in problems; which Kirby was able to resolve.  Cottonmouth jumped right in with 2 virtual feet and didn’t miss a beat.  Cottonmouth, my apologies to you.  Last night at about 10:30pm I was doing a dry run in the Zoom Room (which ultimately did no good 😂) when an Ed Hannon entered the meeting.  I had just recently read about the phenomenon of Zoom Crashing so I got scared and logged out.  I even Googled your name.  Did you know you’re the COO of a major company in the Greater New York Area?  Now I’ll never forget your hospital name. 👌

Mighty Mite gave YHC from tips from his Swole virtual Q on Monday.  Much appreciated, Mighty!  Especially the one about making sure another PAX is watching Slack to help others get logged into Zoom.  That’s why Kirby did what he did.  Cottonmouth thanks you as well.

Bucky was so excited that he couldn’t sleep last night.  He was posting about the workout at 3:22am.  Not sure but that may be why he needed to workout beside a 32 pack box of TP? 💩   He is well stocked.  Seriously though, thanks for promoting this workout and showing up to put the work in!

Tuck is a beast.  He met with every Site Q this past week to formulate the plan for these virtual workouts.  Thanks for your leadership, my friend.  I hope F3 rewards your efforts when it comes bonus time.

Brexit’s beard continues to grow during COVID.  Rumor has it Brexit is stepping up on Thursday to Q a virtual workout.  That’s awesome!  Please let YHC know if you would like me to provide you with a list of things not to do. 😂  I am creating quite a long list…

Wild Turkey was so eager that he was logged in to the Zoom Room all night.  When I logged in during my dry runs (after being stalked by Ed Hannon) I saw a pic of Wild Turkey and his M.  I tried speaking to you a few times but there was no response.  Y’all do make a good looking couple.

Wingman crushed it this morning and has been putting his skills to use lately on the interwebs to get all this virtual stuff set-up.  #virtual-1st.  Now that we have a new virtual workout calendar, that gives YHC even more opportunities to erroneously broadcast my dentist appointments and M’s travel schedule to the F3 Nation.

Soft Pretzel put in the work this am.  And he also has a sweet minivan like YHC’s.  Rock on and thanks for your leadership on the SOB board during these crazy times.  #notwhatusignedupfor

Lessons Learned:

1. Don’t cadence count.  Instead, do timed exercises or a set number of reps.

2. Do have a designated PAX watch out for problems, monitor Slack at the beginning, and help others get logged into Zoom.  Get yourself a Kirby.

3. Don’t use a Chromebook with a weak WiFi signal in your garage.

4. An egg timer would have been helpful.

5.  Do watch where you point your crotch during Dollys.  You just might be on camera.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  It is always a pleasure.







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