The Summerlin Suicide Almost Lived Up To Its Name

The Summerlin Suicide Almost Lived Up To Its Name

The Thang:

Warm-up (in place):

  • SSH x20
  • IW x20

Mosey to corner of Summerlin & Wessynton for warm-up part 2:

  • Low slow squats x10
  • Mountain climbers x10

Mosey to corner of Summerlin & Abbottswood for the Summerlin Suicide. Run to each speedbump (there are 3) and back, and then a fourth point back up at Rea Rd. At each speedbump (and at Rea), 10 merkins. At the start, 10 squats each time. #mileage

Regroup and mosey one block west to Abbotswood & Brynwood. Hopper led Mary to allow the PAX to catch their breath.

Down Brynwood in the direction of home, stopping at each street light for Heels to Heaven.

Plank at Brynwood and Wessynton to collect the six, followed by lung walk, bear crawl and backwards run down Wessynton to get back to Summerlin.

Mosey back to school and to the wall. Partner up. Partner 1 runs a lap around the parking lot, while Partner B does wall sits, ending in dips.

Finish with Mary (Dollies, Rosalitas) before the mutiny. Done.


The usual great Hydra group was in full force, including the refusenik trifecta, as well as a strong Flattenin’ the Hills representation #BrotherhoodBonds #KottersMargo. It’s pretty easy to tell with this group how your workout is going. When the chatter is high and NOBODY (among 23 PAX) is counting, you know you’ve lost them. That happened on exercise #2. When they start complaining (e.g., during the Summerlin Suicide), you know you’re pretty much in the zone.

Unfortunately, on the last trip down Summerlin during said Suicide, YHC caught an edge of the asphalt and took a pretty big spill, twisting an ankle pretty good. They say ankles never really heel fully (#HighSchoolGlory), and I can affirm that conclusion. I appreciate Hopper jumping in and leading the next 10 minutes or so, and the PAX for their genuine concern. Tighten the laces, and press on. There was an 80’s movie reference (in the O2 deprivation accompanies by pretty sharp pain, I don’t remember) upon retaking the Q, but it was swift and with authority. I think Hopper had had enough of the PAX’s mumble-chatter in those 10 minutes, anyway.

We wrapped up fairly uneventfully, until the end, where there was pretty much a mutiny to end the workout. Maybe I stopped my watch immediately after the fall and thus I was behind? I don’t know, but the PAX who finished strong got their money’s worth.

Pleasure to lead this morning, what may be the best site in A51. Thanks to Sprockets for the takeout, as well as Sprockets and Gummy for the opportunity to Q this group of men (and lucky for you that I disclaimed myself before the workout).


  • Puddin’ has the Q at Kevlar tomorrow (self-advertising). You won’t want to miss.
  • Coat drive is going on through November 4. Bring your coats to a site near you. Unresolved question was whether a coat from Runstopper would be accepted.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:07 pm - Oct 10, 2019

Will take all coats but no leggings.

HopperPosted on10:03 am - Oct 11, 2019

I hope the ankle heals up fast Hannibal. Second injury report for Hydra is I suffered about two dozen fire ant bites when we laid down for Mary in the parking lot at the end. Whichever Presidential candidate can eliminate fire ants forever, I’m in!

GummyPosted on12:59 pm - Oct 11, 2019

The clock had clearly hit 6:15 before you started the last Mary exercise. We hired you for 45 mins; I’m not paying for OT. Good Q – that Summerlin Suicide was tough. The degree of difficulty increased with the traffic on that road – people cutting through a neighborhood at 5:45 am to shave 30 seconds off their commute. Hopper did not get the proper approvals before stepping up as the relief Q mid-workout. That will go in his file.

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