Squat Pyramid: The Girevik’s Cure for Standing Frog Butt

Squat Pyramid: The Girevik’s Cure for Standing Frog Butt

The continuing saga of manly transformation from limp-bodied rag dolls to slabs of sinewy steel…Week 1, Day 2: The Squat Pyramid.

Protocol: 1 Clean, 1 Press, 1-n Squat Pyramid, 1 Renegade Row ea side. Based on combined effects of rhabdo, DOMS and rigor mortis from Day 1’s Press Pyramid and Heavy Swings, the dread of Squat Day loomed large. End result: Didn’t seem to bad on the way up, snuck up on you on the way down, then the 5 minutes of snatches about wrecked you. One Squat Day down, eight to go.

Wrapped up by working on our full body…tension: Racked carry, 1 min hard style plan, 1 min hollow body hold, 1 min glute bridge (see Day 1 BB for technique, directives on each). Bring a towel or pad for future workouts–we will end with this sequence going forward.

Day 3 is back to Press Pyramid and Heavy Swings. Saturday at ELE, at 0630, or OYO. Day 4 is Squat Pyramid again, Monday at 0530, ELE.

Remember, this is really an OYO strength program that meets to share KBs and alienate Header’s “friends.” Why he and Chin would do that to anyone is beyond me, but F3 is better for it, for now we have a Piggly added to the Pax list. You post with a surname like Wiggly, that’s like a Chin Music hanging curve getting swatted all the way to Laredo. Lots of pressure on our boy Piggly–don’t waste a great nickname by not showing up next time. Plus, we need to talk more about that Kate Spade leather KB/clutch you nipped from the wife. Many questions….well, more comments, really.

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GummyPosted on5:08 pm - Oct 10, 2019

Missing the Piggly layup would be like naming a guy named Bryan Adams “Chin Music” instead of something, anything from the great Canadian’s catalog.

Young LovePosted on8:23 pm - Oct 10, 2019

Completed this on my own earlier today since I worked to late to get up early. It hurt then, hurts even more every time I get up from my desk. Went down some stairs earlier and realized I couldn’t go back up. Please send help…

Young LovePosted on8:31 pm - Oct 10, 2019

And for the record, Chin Music was a much better name than “(Everything I) Do Do 4 U,” “Night Heat,” or “69er.” Actually, if I recall Bryan Adams –> “Everything I do do” –> Kevin Costner — > Field of Dreams –> baseball, the obvious winner by double entendre.

HorseheadPosted on10:20 pm - Oct 10, 2019

When I found out he was from Bishopville all I could think about was the Lizard Man. It’s real. Believe.


ChinMusicPosted on12:04 am - Oct 11, 2019

Good to know I have another true believer. Most famous thing to come from those ‘ol cotton fields that CCR once referenced by song.
Pigly will be back! He’ll have a cult following in no time with a name like that.

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