That was boring, sure if you want to be a DiCCS about it

That was boring, sure if you want to be a DiCCS about it

14 men showed up to a beautiful darkness drenched day for what was sure to be both a mental and physical test. Well maybe the only mental exercise was on my part trying to figure out how to keep the Kenyan national team somewhat close to the rest of us. T

Here’s the workout, buckle up there’s A LOT of stuff:
– Run around the outside of the campus, run up three light poles and back one. Do an exercise and repeat. This was broken up into sets of two exercises once the second one is done, run up three lights do a burpee and come back for the six. Sets were as follows:

  • Squats/Speed Skaters
  • Jump Squats/Monkey Humpers
  • Big Boy Situps/LBC’s
  • Merkins/Dry Docks

-We did that twice then stopped and bear crawled under the portico and ran to the front of the middle school. Once there we did some dips and step ups with laps around the front parking lot in between.

All in all I think it was a success, no one ever seemed to be waiting too long and we got the required mileage in. Important note: I read the ignition bylaws prior to my Q, it never specifically says that no Mary is to be done (just a fun FYI for you future Q’s).

I appreciate the invite from Hollywood and hope I didn’t break any other ignition rules.

Special thanks to Moneyball for taking us out with the Gloria Turner version of the Pledge as well as prayer.

-kegger at Old McDonald’s next week. (Bring your green hat, we’re going streaking). This description may be inaccurate but he’ll post details
-Open door continues to get great numbers every Sunday morning. Doesn’t matter where you are in your religious journey you’re welcome.
-Dancing Bear still collecting travel soaps, shampoos, and donations in general to help support the homeless and less fortunate in the greater Charlotte area

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