Are you watching YouTube videos for weird exercises?

Are you watching YouTube videos for weird exercises?

16 PAX brought their VD memories and unknowingly joined YHC for his first Qventure outside of Dromedary. Few of them had any idea how much YHC enjoys scouring the depths of the Exicon… but now they do.

Disclaimer x 1

Cell Phone x 1

CPR Certified x 2

Dog Poop bags x 2


Mosey away from Waverly, across the quaint Providence Road and to the perfectly dark Arby’s parking lot area for COP. Who doesn’t want to start their day off at Arby’s where, “We Have the Meats”?

  • IW x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC
  • Annie x 24
  • Copperhead Squat x 20 IC


Mosey to the green area near the giant video board for some quality Paula Abdul work…

  • Go 2 trees forward, Merkin x 5
  • Take 1 tree back, Superman x 5
  • 16 trees forward and then some Mary till the Six was in

More Paula Abdul? YES! Return the other way, but only to the midway point of the green…

  • Go 2 trees forward, Merkin x 5
  • Take 1 tree back, Good Morning Abby x 2
  • 6 trees forward

Mosey to the hill on the east side of the Harris Teeter…

  • Merkin Clock; Each PAX with Merkin x 5

Mosey back to Waverly to the COT…

  • Global Warming where ~half the PAX chose an exercise
  • Monkey Humpers x 5 OYO to finish off a special morning


The PAX of Western Union are familiar with YHC’s penchant for less frequently used exercises and, honestly, today was supposed to be different. But apparently not all are familiar with the great Paula Abdul, Annies, or Good Morning Abby. “Huh?” “What?” were frequent refrains of mumblechatter, but one of the best comments came afterwards from One Star who spent much of the workout going through a limited Paula Abdul discography in his head only to miss the classic “Opposites Attract.” “So why is that called ‘Paula Abdul’? I can only think of ‘Cold-hearted Snake’.”

Illiterate only afterwards shared that during the Merkin Clock he nearly went face first into a sizable clod of horse manure — the rest of the PAX merely continued in ignorant bliss. Kudos to O’Tannenbaum who found us on the green after a late start — no clue how he found us that far from the COT. YHC was not the only one to introduce PAX to a new move: Shop Dawg called one of his favorites, Boat-Canoe, during global warming and it was called again moments later.

The effort was strong all around this morning and the mumblechatter entertaining. The PAX met the Swole Challenge for merkins for the day and did a decent job on the plank requirements. YHC appreciates the opportunity to lead a strong group in a new location and the willingness to experiment with the buried moves of the exicon. Poop bags were not needed by anyone.


  • Taco Stand and M got the news back that there’s no cancer!  

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