Haze Saves

Haze Saves

All vets, no disclosure (implied), let’s roll….


Wide-arm Merkins x 10 IC

Peter Parkers x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

LS Squat x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC


The Beast (at medians near 51)

Round 1: HR merkins

Round 2: Squats

Round 3: Diamond merkins

Round 4: Jump squats

Round 5: CDDs

Round 6: Freddy Mercury’s


Bermuda Triangle (x3)

Grassy Knoll: plank walk across width of grassy knoll; 10 jump squats

Playground: 10 pullups

Round-about: 10 Mahktar’s


Rock work

Curls, squats with rock, merkins on rock, skull crushers on 6




I rushed in with 2 minutes to spare as my garage door spring broke this morning and had to scramble to find M’s keys.  All good.  Runstopper asked if I did my hair this morning, negative, and promptly also praised my nicely trimmed beard.  Why thank you RS!

Haze was very pleased with the call for wide-arms right out of the gate, and again complimented my LS squat rotational prowess.

The Beast is meant to be 6 rounds of 6 called exercises at 6 stations; at least that is what I understood.  Anyways, got some flack for the call to do the HR merkins and squats down and back #aggressive. HR merkins continue to suck; Lorax mentioned it may have been the earliest his arms were shot at F3. I agree. Snuka was flying; has to be PEDs right?  Utah receives kudos for his version of the jump squat aka bunny hops.

Also received some kind feedback on my version of the Bermuda triangle.  Hey, it had 3 locations, doesn’t that constitute a triangle? no matter how obtuse?  Boom!  Several refuseniks on the plank walk, not sure why but will investigate.  The Mahktar’s call was again highly appreciated from the pax and don’t think I heard a single complaint.

Rock work had to be abbreviated due to time. But this is where Haze saved the lives of many men.  During the call for skull crushers, in the parking lot drive, Haze selfishly alerted the pax to an oncoming car.  Thank you PH. Seriously…should have moved those off the thoroughfare.

Puddin Pop took us out with a thoughtful prayer touching on how blessed we are to have our health and this group.  Aye.

Until next time.

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HIPAAPosted on12:21 am - Nov 8, 2018

Nice Q today. Appreciated the opportunity to further develop my (quite useful) forearm callouses with the Makhtar N’Diaye’s. P.s. – The “N” in N’Diaye is still silent.

Plank walks were a nice touch. I don’t think I have done those before.

Personally did not have much in the tank this morning. Thanks to the Pax for pulling me through (as always). I have never regretted a day of F3, no matter how crummy I feel when I wake up….

High TidePosted on4:37 pm - Nov 13, 2018

There are only 8 days remaining to gift yourself (or have your M gift you) with a winter Area 51 gear order!

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