Advancing Pokey Forward

Advancing Pokey Forward

11 PAX arrived this morning at Pokey to find a bright building and an advanced lesson in stretching and flexibility from Whiplash.

He provided the theory behind making sure that your body was warm prior to stretching and helpful tips on keeping and maintaining flexibility all while providing the Pokey faithful with a routine of dynamic stretching targeted to loosen up the calves, hamstring, and IT band.


It was a very active morning at Pokey.

Elevation Church is holding its annual staff advance at the Blakeney Campus today so the building was brimming with activity. They are expecting 400 to arrive so there were several people going in, out and around the building getting ready.  I am sure they were wondering what a bunch of old men were doing on some broga mats in front of the building at 5:45am.

Not often at F3 do we get an audience filled with skinny jeans, balloons, a large tent and offer of donuts.

Two ruckers lost their way in the neighborhoods near the AO and arrived shortly after we started.

Many PAX sprinted to their cars to find towels after Whiplash announced needing ropes, towels or partnering up.

It is Fraiser’s birthday today and Bunker just came down from a 2-day sugar high celebrating his birthday.

Wingman is on Q August 22nd.

Sing up for The Crane Relay.

Thanks for taking us out Bounty Hunter.



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