If You Squeeze My Lizard, I’ll Put My Snake On You

If You Squeeze My Lizard, I’ll Put My Snake On You

Believe it or not, today was YHC’s first Q opportunity at Meathead.  Thursdays are typically reserved for the M’s early morning workout in the Shuffle household so the opportunity to post and/or Q on a Thursday is a rare treat.  Therefore, YHC tried to make today less of a substitute teacher in middle school type event and more the “A Very Special Episode Of” (insert your favorite sitcom from childhood) variety.  After firing up the dusty old Amazon BT1 Bluetooth speaker and loading the carefully curated playlist, we began to stand in a circle and sling iron.


20 Swings OYO, 10 Merkins IC, 20 Swings OYO, 10 Mountain Climbers IC, 20 Swings OYO, 20 LBC IC, 20 Swings OYO, 10 Plank Jacks IC, 20 Swings OYO.  That’s 100 swings to start out the morning, which set the tone for things to come.

Rock Block 1:

While the majestic sounds of rock and roll songs from the 1970s through the 2010s washed over us like warm Gulf waters, we started the first block of exercises consisting of Swings, Renegade Rows Left, Renegade Rows Right, Good Mornings, and Weighed Crunches.  Each round was 10 reps of each exercise, and 5 rounds made up a block.

Rock Block 2:

Same format, some different exercises.  Swings, Sots Press Left, Sots Press Right (had to pause for the applause to die down), Sumo High Pull, and Weighted Crunch for 5 rounds of 10 reps each.

Rock Block 3:

This block was made up of Swings, Overhead Squat Left, Overhead Squat Right (more applause, some huzzahs and various cheers, the adoration was borderline embarrassing at this point), Triceps Extensions, Weighted Crunches for 5 rounds of 10 reps each.  At this point the swing counter was up to 250.

The Perfect Pair:

Time was beginning to wane, so an additional Rock Block could not be properly accommodated, which was fine because the PAX would have most likely begun throwing rose petals as YHC’s feet like the King of Zamunda in Coming to America and that would’ve been a bit over the top.  The perfect pair is the Kettlebell Swing and the Merkin, so we did sets of 20, 15, 10, and 5 of each.  The swing counter was up to 300 by now.

The Finisher:

To cap off the morning’s session, YHC called for 100 Swings.  Fortunately, everyone kept a firm grip on his kettlebell so as not to accidentally (purposefully) fling a bell at the Q’s head.  YHC does not like to incorporate hyperbole into backblasts, but majestic would certainly be a fair word to use to describe this morning’s workout.


Mumblechatter was quite low today, instead the PAX went about their business in a quiet reverence of the kettlebell cathedral that is an elementary school parking lot in Matthews.  Mall Cop wore a CrossFit shirt to an F3 workout, so that’s something.  #OurWarmupIsYourWorkOut  #SweetNikeMetConsBro

Other nuggets of knowledge learned today were that Montrose was the band Sammy Hagar sang for before his stints as a solo artist and with Van Halen, and that Living Color was fronted by the son of the actor from the Lethal Weapon movies who is not Mel Gibson but the other guy.  Regarding the title of this backblast, it is the first line from one of the songs on the playlist, Motorhead’s “Killed by Death” and is one of the finest opening lyrics ever penned.  Other selections included Halestorm’s “Still of the Night”, Montrose “Rock Candy”, Metallica “Hit the Lights”, Living Color “Cult of Personality”, Shinedown “Sound of Madness”, Sick Puppies “Maybe”, Saliva “Your Disease”, The Black Crowes “Twice as Hard” and Volbeat’s “Heaven Nor Hell”.   If you’ll allow me a brief aside: Music can provide a glimpse as to where a society is culturally at any given moment.  When future citizens of this planet look back upon American history, they will probably surmise that in the 1970s people did a lot of rambling (much like the tone of this backblast) and rolling down highways, and that gypsy queens from New Or-leens were a great scourge upon the land.  When they look back at the current decade they will see a fractured society splintered between factions of people who spend their time putting pop in their country, with the tailgates down while sipping on cinnamon flavored low proof whiskey, and those who believe that viable music can be produced by pushing buttons on a computer, pointing skyward, and shouting his or her name, then random phrases that make little to no sense.  #WeDaBest #DJWhateverThatSuperAnnoyingFatGuy’sNameIs

There were no announcements at COT but we can surmise that there is probably a  Speed for Need race coming up, and High Tide probably has a discount code for Nuun tablets.  That is all, enjoy your day.

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VoodooPosted on7:07 pm - Jul 12, 2018

Nice lead this morning, Ickey. The mumblechatter was low, but the mutual suffering was high. It’s hard to believe this was your site VQ considering your love of the metal. I’m glad Mrs. Shuffle was willing to make the switch for you.

As I mentioned to the Q separately, this was a nasty little workout, with plenty of awkward movements (I’m looking at you, Sots press and OH squat). And the # of swings was sneaky hard, leading to grip failure for YHC. The music was solid, albeit obscure. #deeptracks

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