Evelyn’s Rock

Evelyn’s Rock

A solid 24 gathered for #F3Hydra. Here’s what we accomplished:

The Thang

After brief but heartfelt disclaimer, we launched from the usual parking area, turning left onto Rea Road but then moseying to empty lot on the right side of OPES. We circled up for YHC’s usual COP:

  • IWs x 10IC
  • MCs x 10IC’
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LSS x 10IC

From there we ran across Rea Road to the rock pile at the church. Find a partner and one of you grab a lifting rock. Some went pretty ambitious on the rock choice while others grabbed the equivalent of one of those pink barbells with the handles. Instructions were given for Partner 1 to run to the church entrance off Edenbridge for 10 Merkins and then run back. Partner B was to rotate through 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Presses and 10 Shoulder Presses with the rock. Flapjack until each partner had gone 5 times and completed 50 Merkins.

We returned our rocks and moseyed out of the lot, turning left onto Edenbridge and then right onto Windyrush Rd to the bottom of Evelyn’s Hill, named for Evelyn’s Rock. Evelyn’s Rock is at the driveway at the bottom of the hill and is marked with a nice plaque. At the bottom of the hill, Partner 1 did alternating lunges while Partner B ran to the top for 5 jump squats before running back. Flapjack until each partner had gone 3 times.

After that, we ran back up Evelyn’s Hill and turned left onto Edenbridge, across Rea and over the SCRA Patriots Mighty Mites practice field for a little Mary after some Plank-o-rama:

  • LBCs x 20IC
  • Straight Leg Lifts x 20IC
  • Toe Tap Crunches x 20IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 20IC

We killed off the remaining time with 5 AYG sprints back and forth across the field and then 10 burpees OYO. From there, we moseyed back to the parking lot for COT.


YHC left home without his watch. That meant YHC was dependent on someone else to keep track of time. Van Pelt, back in for the morning from Winston, stepped up. More importantly, it meant no Strava record of the miles. HIPAA stepped up there and shared his post with me, which made me look fast.

Lots of complaints right from the start about having to do Merkins on that right side lot. It is terrible and very different from the lots at Calvary and Latin. Funds for the Lord and the privileged just go farther than our tax dollar allotments for the public schools. #Blessed

Instructions were to pick a lifting rock from the pile beside the church. Most went respectable. Stagecoach tried to go small since his partner was the soccer-armed runner Curd but once unearthed, they pretty much had a boulder. Curd did about 7 curls over the course of his five sets. Coach cracked the lot throwing down the rock each time.

Got some Hydra history this morning learning that the Windyrush hill was named Evelyn’s Hill, because of Evelyn’s Rock. It’s a huge rock in the driveway at the bottom of the hill. Marked with nice plaque. Don’t know who Evelyn is…maybe a devoted wife and mother…maybe a loyal Golden Retriever. Also, not sure if the Rock is just a monument or if it serves as a headstone, but hopefully it’s the former. Did notice that Marge and Revlon kept going over the rub the rock before each trip up the hill…looked like they were also looking for a place to drop in their #DaboAllIn chip as well.

A little Mary in the grass is always a good thing, even if YHC lost all coordination in take 1 of the Toe Tap Crunches.

All the men pushed hard out there this morning. #F3Hydra has a solid group and fun culture. Thanks to Marge and Queen for allowing me to fill in for @IronHorseF3, who no longer posts in Mecklenburg County since he married a country girl from the UC. YHC tried his best to make up for IH’s absence, as we did a decent amount Merkins although there was no Merkin Ladder. Also, YHC only owns 7″ inseam shorts, and for that the Pax were thankful.

Welcome to FNG French Vanilla, who came with Creamer. It took us a while to get there but we finally named him. Gummy still wasn’t happy and texted YHC some ideas afterwards. Too late, the Pax have spoken.


  • Curd with a self-serving advertisement about a Crowder’s run Saturday. Think he just needs a ride. Or is recruiting for his BRR team.


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HopsPosted on8:59 pm - Jul 12, 2018

Not sure if I was partner 1 or B, but great to partner with Van Pelt…who was our WD today…by a sizable margin. #oldmanstrong #godeacs
Stagecoach may just be making this F3 thing a habit again.
Evelyn was born in 1854, and the plaque was placed by her family to honor her on her 100th birthday. She was the cousin of Stonewall Jackson’s wife who hailed from Charlotte, and her grandfather fought Cornwallis at King’s Mountain during the Revolutionary War…and helped whoop his a$$. #merica Google it. It’s either that, or as Haze hypothesized, she was a loyal golden retriever who’s buried under that rock (which incidentally was about the same size as the one Curd was struggling with this morning) #oldyeller

GummyPosted on11:45 am - Jul 13, 2018

Splenda – that’s a better nickname than French Vanilla. Still coffee themed (since Creamer EH’d him). I learned a couple of other guys’ strong nicknames out there. Sprocket – not like Toad the Wet Sprocket, but “Now is the time on Sprocket’s when we dance”. Classic. Also Mailman – not like the guy who delivers the mail, but as in Karl Malone.

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