Lewis and Clark were Young Once Too

Lewis and Clark were Young Once Too

The Thang (Part 1):

  • Head out of parking lot, cross to E side of PR, warm-up pace down PR to McKee (1mi)
    • Shoulder taps and MC’s to collect 6
  • Mosey E on McKee and turn L onto Providence Arbours Dr, R onto Esherwood
    • 5 burpees OYO, 10 Peter Parker’s at 4-way stop (Breamore) to collect 6
  • Keep going down Esherwood, turn L on Haddonshire
    • 25 each high knees and butt-kickers then accelerate to end of Haddonshire
  • Regroup on Lady Grace Ln to partner up and discuss the plan

The Thang (Part 2):

  • Our fair Lady Grace Ln contains one of the best hills outside of Raintree and Horsey, and conveniently there are speed bumps at the top and bottom of said hill. So…
    • Partner 1 runs the hill from speed bump to speed bump (about 100m…ish)
    • Partner 2 is the timer, run from top of hill to stop sign at Sarah Hall Ln and back
    • Goal is 20 cumulative hill climbs as a team.
  • Mosey back up Lady Grace as a group, L on Sarah Hall, R on Providence Church Ln
    • 5 burpees OYO at Providence Springs Elem. to regroup
    • Mosey back to Latin, but first run 1 lap (S on PR, L on Alexa, N on Providence church) with 10 burps OYO at Alexa/Providence Church intersection. #thanksHaze
  • Mosey back to launch, Mary with Hawk’s Nest until COT

The Skin:

  • YHC had planned to take the pax into some new territory this morning (variety is the spice of life and all that jazz). But it would seem that many of the pax are somewhat hesitant to follow someone solidly in the “Hate Hate” category. See below for evidence of this age discrimination:
    • You know we have to get back to our cars, right? – Astro
    • We should go this way to get back to Latin. – Prohibition, referring to the route YHC had already planned to take after running Lady Grace.
    • Are we running back the way we came? – Fault Line, about halfway through hills.
  • Rachel volunteered himself without telling anybody that he would take the hit for us having odd numbers and just ran hills the whole time. Typical.
  • Haze graciously pointed out the Alexa hill when we passed in on the warm-up mile, and YHC was happy to audible it into the final stretch. You can all collectively spam his email with spiteful memes.
  • Fault Line revealed to Alf and YHC that he thinks he might have a stress fracture, but he decided to run anyway. This reveals two things: 1) Fault Line may not be sane and 2) Hokas can’t solve all of the world’s problems.
  • Prohibition was pissed when YHC attempted to cut his quest for 20 hills short in the interest of time, not sure if he was trying to get his steps in for the day or what.

It was a pleasure gents, keep getting after it. The workout is just the start to the day’s challenges, let’s keep the energy and dedication throughout all the things we are responsible for.

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