Only thing missing was a big top…..

Only thing missing was a big top…..

19 PAX endured a very choppy VQ in elegant surroundings this morning. Verbal disclaimer was given and we were off for CoP on the luxury, professional-grade turf field. If there’s a nicer site in all of the F3 Kingdom, I don’t know where it is. Apparently came out a little hot on the warmup mosey to CoP and immediately heard the mumblechatter growing from the Six.


Ssh x 20 (in homage to Hops)

IW [This is where the counting started to break down……]


Good Mornings

Merkins [somehow messed up the counting here again……]

Thang (Part 1):

Stay at the turf field Mosey to the baseball field and partner up.

– First partner run to the shelter/Tiki Hut/Pain Cave and do Mike Tyson x 15

– Other partner run along the outfield warning track and do: Lunge Walk – Carioca – Carioca (reversed) – Backpedal

– Partners meet up and do Power Merkins x 10 (each)


Second round same as the first except with Decline Merkins x 15 at the Hut and Hand Slap Merkins x 10 at the meetup.

Third round same except Balls to the Wall at the Hut.

Thang (Part 2):

Mosey to the track to run stadium stairs run past the landscaper trimming the hedges to the utility shed at the bottom of the muddy hill. Same partners. First partner sprint to top of hill and mosey back. Second partner Balls to the Walls until they return. Flapjack. Repeat.

Mosey to the Q*Bert Stairs.

Thang (Part 3):

Big stairs:

Dip (x20) – Hop – Press (x20 – while in squat position) x 2 sets

Dips x 20 (?)


Magellan yog back to start for Mary.


Logged a total of 2.2 – 2.5 miles (depending on your watch). Mine said 2.8 but others have fancier watches….



Great group out today – terrific effort all the way around and displayed a ton of patience with me as I generally managed to turn my VQ into a circus. Even showed up early to scout out the AO, but still managed to get lost. Had the Weinke in my pocket the whole workout, but needed to Omaha a great deal, so it was kind of useless (and doesn’t help with counting anyway…).

Kudos to all the guys who go out and make it look so easy day after day – it isn’t. It’s really hard!  Mermaid told me he just had his 116th Q. Amazing.

Gummy strong with the mumblechatter as always. Expected and comforting to have that constant.

103 days ago Maybe brought me out to my first F3 workout at Hydra and I am forever in his debt. Thank you, brother. Appreciate you making the trip DR from Metro for a special guest appearance to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for making this a welcoming place from the first minute as a part of F3.

Transporter out in front all day with the usual suspects – guy has become a machine. Was amazed to hear about his journey.

Champagne terrific form as usual and didn’t miss a rep as far as I could tell.

Great to see Hightower coming out consistently for the past 5 or 6 weeks. Hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.

Scratch and Win thank you for your persistence and your thoughtfulness. You know what I mean. Truly appreciated.

I think the “big stairs” have been officially dubbed the “Q*Bert Stairs”. For all of you bearded millennials, here is the reference:*bert

Still searching for an appropriate name for the shelter behind the baseball field.

Thanks to Hops and Doc McStuffins for giving me the opportunity to lead this fine group. Hopefully the first of many (which will improve with time!).

Realizing I am missing some moments here but was just trying to keep my head on straight!


“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matthew 7:6, 12-14


Announcements: Keep Astro and his family in your prayers – his father recently passed.

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GummyPosted on4:50 pm - Jun 26, 2018

Good stuff HIPAA. Solid VQ. Everyone underestimates the challenge of counting in cadence when you get in that circle – it’s not easy the first few times. I knew you had to do some improvising on the fly, but I didn’t realize it was that much – you handled it well. Great call on the naming of the Q*bert stairs.

HopsPosted on8:23 pm - Jun 26, 2018

Solid job HIPAA. Introduced some new things to the pax (or at least to me, anyway) i.e. Mike Tyson’s & Good Morning’s sans the KB. Name suggestion for the pavilion above the baseball diamond = “Hawk Box”. Maybe? We can do better. So far we have Buttermaker’s (softball field at the far end of campus) and Q*Bert stairs.
Some other sundry observations:
Champagne pert near ran over some pax on his way into the lot. #badform 😉
Smokey was FNG to Hawk’s Nest – T-claps
I learned later in the day that Jet Fuel attempted an FNG post to Hawk’s Nest as well; but heard only crickets in the original launch lot….oops.
Huggie Bear was our decided LIFO…not sure when he caught up with the pax.
Utah was a brazen refusenik during the Mary at the end of the downpainment but offering solid “encouragement” to the rest of the pax. Much obliged.

ChampagnePosted on8:48 pm - Jun 26, 2018

Hops- sorry my bad – didn’t know i almost ran over anyone. Next time maybe not blocking the entire entrance to the lot would be a good idea. Solid VQ HIPPA – we all have to struggle thru our first. Also I must say this is not a VQ backblast. Solid write-up.

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