No light bulbs will be changed today

No light bulbs will be changed today

7 PAX for the weekly rendition of ‘speedo season is here, time to get some beach muscles.’

SSH x 15 IC

20 Swings

IW x 15 IC

20 R handed swings

Diamond merkin on bell x 10

20 L handed swings

HALO x 5 each way

Prying Squats

THE Thang:

Round 1: Pyramid with reps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2:

One arm:

Sprinter stance swings, clean to lunge, snatch, shoulder press

Switch hands, repeat exercises


Round 2: Pyramid with reps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2:

Two arm:

Slasher swings to L, slasher swings to R, goblet squat, upright rows, deadlift

Staggered merkin L hand on bell x20

Staggered merkin R hand on bell x20

50 Swings without stopping

20 merkins


This was definitely harder in person than on paper. Somehow I had scripted the workout to have 3 rounds of a pyramid, which would have required a 5:00am start for that, there’s always next time. I always try to bring something new or different into the KB workouts, and the sprinter stance swings and slashers were that today. All the PAX were genuinely concerned about their sack of ‘taters when I demonstrated the sprinter stance swings, although I’m pretty sure the standard swing puts your junk in just as much risk (or maybe I’m just not as well equipped as the rest of the crew). Either way, everyone seemed to walk away unharmed (however properly disclaimed), but fine motor skills will be greatly affected from that beatdown. My forearms are a mess as I write this. Not much chatter today, as the workout didn’t allow for much more than heavy breathing. I think my choice of rock tunes was much preferred to my gangsta rap last time… apparently everyone can’t relate to coming from the mean streets of Bloomington, Indiana.

Funky Cold – Came in and crushed it, no questions asked! Well done!

Alf – Apparently nursing a hamstring injury… could’ve fooled me as he cruising through the pyramid. Hope to see you back at the bootcamps/runs soon!

Tulip – Flew through the rounds this morning. Must be time for a bigger bell! Thanks for the takeout as we headed into our days ahead.

Swiss Miss – Taking the role of High Tide today with more bells than PAX. Great to see you back at Meathead and grinding hard!

Hoover – I’m pretty sure he sleeps with his ruck on. Does someone who is 6’ 8” and 260ish really need to strap on extra weight? Oh and he is doing the Smokey Mountain relays this weekend. Dude is a beast!

Rachel – Don’t want to say anything too complimentary here as there are rumors swirling about the status of our relationship brotherhood. Average work as usual.

Thanks to Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the opportunity to lead at the best 0.0 in all of F3.

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AlfPosted on4:51 pm - Apr 19, 2018

I had my entire day planned out to do some knitting and needlepoint. Now that is ruined thanks to you. But my forearms are swole.

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