Bro, Do You Even Legs Day?

Bro, Do You Even Legs Day?

12 men showed for sharpening on the #F3Anvil this morning. It was leg day. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

A brief but thorough disclaimer was given and then we slowed moseyed to wait for the stragglers. After picking up everyone, we ran up the main Calvary thoroughfare to the parking lot across from the hotbox and circled up for COP… IWs x 10IC, MCs x 10IC and the Low Slow Squat x 10IC. From there, we cut across campus to the rock pile by the roundabout. Grab a lifting rock, not for running but one that would make McGee proud. We circled up for some leg day work.

  •  Squats x 10IC
  • Good Mornings x 10IC
  • TeaBag Squats x 10IC

Mosey to the bottom of entrance at 51 for some stop motion lunge walk. After about 10 or so movements of that, we ran around the roundabout and back to our rocks.

  • Lunges x 10IC
  • Side Lunges x 10IC
  • Dancing With The Stars x 10IC (each leg, no rock)

Mosey back to the entrance at 51 for some stop motion backward lunge walk. Same thing, 10 movements or so before taking off in a backwards run for bit then forward around the roundabout.

After that, we returned our rocks and ran across to the little hill by the soccer fields. There, we did a set of 11s, with Jump Squats at the top and Sister Mary Catherines at the bottom. McGee then led us in some Baryshnikov x 10IC (each leg). He led as YHC is not coordinated enough to lead these.

From there, we moseyed up to the hotbox for 3 sets of 10 Lil’ Hazes (each leg) and 10 One-Legged Squats (each leg). We did some People’s Chair to kill some time before moseying to the Avenue of Trees. To appease the crowd and because my legs hurt, we ran the Avenue of Trees stopping at each tree for 5 Merkins.

A mosey back to our launch point for some Mary: LBCs x 10IC, Flutters x 10IC, Toe-Tap Crunches x 10IC and Straight-Leg Lifts x 10IC. Closed it out with 10 Burpees OYO.


Solid group of men this morning but certainly a slower arriving crowd than normal. For a bit, thought it might just be YHC and The Wall, in which case we could’ve done this workout in The Fairways fitness center, where you can get a lot done on a 3 speed treadmill, a bowflex and pair of wrist weights.

Been a while since YHC’s had a leg workout…the massive pecs and biceps were beginning to dwarf the legs. So to keep from becoming that guy in the leg day memes, deciding we tackle the legs. Not sure about the rest of the Pax but I know I was feeling the burn. A good buddy (the Pax formerly know as Radar) always said that if you break the legs, you break the spirit. And it was quiet under the hotbox toward the end…so I assume this one either hurt the Pax. Or bored them.

Good to see Bugeater back out in the gloom. And riding over with Scratch & Win, who has his VQ tomorrow at #F3Hydra. Lewinsky ran in…and turned down S&W’s offer for a ride back home…solid. The Wall is getting stronger and stronger.

McGee doesn’t check Twitter. But he is a Sign-Up Genius wiz.


Old guy workout launching tomorrow morning at CCHS.

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MermaidPosted on9:54 pm - Mar 7, 2018

Feeling that one Haze. Leg smoker. Apologies for the late arrival. More than one valid excuse, I promise.

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