North Face + Rocks = Good Times

North Face + Rocks = Good Times

13 dudes that weren’t doing the Charlotte 10 miler #barfemoji got out of the fartsack and posted at Rock Zero. It was epic. Let me tell you about it:

Warm up mosey around a couple of lots and then circle up:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Low slow squats x 15 IC
  • Low slow merkins x 10 IC
  • Peter Parkers x 15 IC

Mosey to the rock pile in front of the church and pick out a lifting rock (unless you’re Boerwors… #SMHemoji).

  • Overhead squats x 15 civilian count
  • Deadlifts x 15 civilian count
  • Goblet squats x 15 civilian count

Mosey with your rock around to the top of North Face where you partner up by rock size. Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 runs around the trees, down the face plant hill and back up North Face. Flapjack.

  • Exercise 1: Curls
  • Exercise 2: Flutter press
  • Exercise 3: Tricep extensions (YHC commences discussion with McGee about why these are harder than they should be)
  • Exercise 4: Dolly press
  • Exercise 5: Overhead press
  • Exercise 6: LBC press
  • Exercise 7: Chest press on the ground

Audible: all pax throw their rocks down the hill. Plank at the top, then drop to elbows. On Q’s command, pax jailbreak down the hill and grab a rock (doesn’t have to be your own – pays to run fast). #downhilljailbreak #safetyfirst

Mosey with rocks back to the front of the church and delicately place them back EXACTLY WHERE YOU FOUND THEM.

Mosey to the lot along 51 and grab your partner. Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 runs. Repeato until you hit prescribed # of reps as a pair.

  • Exercise 1: 200 merkins
  • Exercise 2: 250 LBCs
  • Exercise 3: 150 squats

Mosey back to the start point for a little Mary:

  • Rosalita x 15 IC
  • Protractor, straight into Dolly x 10 IC #crowdpleaser
  • LBCs OYO for the final minute

Done. Thanks to Marlin for the takeout in COT.


  • Brolympics 2.bro is next Saturday. Read the pre-blast here and sign up so they can get a head count!


  • Hoover pre-tweeted a pre-run or -ruck starting at 0630. YHC showed up around 6:25 and didn’t see anyone. Geraldo was the first that pulled in, so YHC knew we were rucking. Then Rachel and Hoover showed and we got a move on. We did ~2 miles at sub-15:00 pace. Good 2nd F to start the day. #RH4ABW
  • Hoover left his ruck on for the workout, showing a total lack of respect for the Q. As McGee mentioned, as a percentage of his body weight, it’s equivalent to the gloves a lot of the pax were wearing. #stillhurtful
  • YHC hasn’t been doing too many boot camps lately, focusing on running, kettlebells and some home work. It was great to get back out there and work hard with the pax. We had a solid crew of familiar faces, including some YHC hadn’t seen in a while, and some less familiar faces. Everyone was working hard and getting after it. Thanks for following my lead. I appreciate you all coming out.
  • Thanks to Flipper for reaching out to YHC and working with me to find a date that worked (even if he chose to run 10 miles instead of posting #cryingemoji). Thanks to Hoover and Boerewors for posting and supporting YHC.
  • Feel free to sound off with anything YHC missed. #selfsmoked


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HooverPosted on6:20 pm - Feb 17, 2018

Great Q today. Kept it simple but tough. I like the way you kept the Pax together by localizing the running routes. Keeps the second F strong.

I was going to put some tunes on with my air support radio but after my comments on Thursday to Orange Whip I could be a marked man. #ivegotabigmouth

Lastly, don’t let your soul get crushed by my ruck. Remember I was in the 6 the whole time. If I was as fast as Rachel with a ruck then you could feel appropriately disrespected, crushed soul and all.

Glad to have you Voodoo. Come back anytime.

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