Stay Warm Out There

Stay Warm Out There

14 PAX bundled up and made it happen at Dromedary this morning.  1 decided to go all in and provide the inspiration: congrats to Recalculating for completing the workout in shorts and short sleeves.  Seriously , respect.

The Thang:

The warmup took the form of a group run with stops for exercises.  We went around both schools before stopping at the middle school picnic tables.  Exercises were: 15 low slow squats, 15 IWs, 25 SSHs, 10 merkins + 10 8 count burpees, bear crawl across basketball court, 10 peter parkers, 20 LBCs.  All IC.

3 sets of 15 dips, 10 squats, and 20 no hands flutters, all IC.

Mosey around the middle school and across the fields to the large retaining hill.  (Rarely used at DD because of its hidden in the dark nature)  Line up across the bottom, perform the called exercise, then sprint the hill.  Set one = 1 time up, set 2 = 2 times up, set 3 = 3 times up.  Exercises for all three sets were 10 Haggis-style merkins (knuckles) and 15 real deal sit-ups.

Mosey back to parking lot and partner up.  Wheelbarrows for ~25 yards each.  Then P1 runs the 25 yards while partner 2 does CDDs until you hit 100 combined.  Mosey around high school and stop for peoples chair + 10 donkey kicks X2.  Then back to launch, few planks, doneski.

Key Info for Holiday Party:

  • This Saturday 12/16 at the Red Barn Waxhaw.  6012 Jeanne Dr., Waxhaw, NC 28173
  • 5 pm – 11 pm.
  • Dress is casual and dress warm!  Fire pits and a bonfire will help but it is an open air barn.
  • Beer and wine will be provided.  Liquor technically not allowed.  If you are worried that what you like to drink won’t be there, bring it.
  • Donations benefit the Union County Community Shelter.  You can donate when you sign up.

Other Announcements:

  • Posse stepping up to lead FNG info checklist.  More details to follow and he is taking ideas and feedback if you have some.
  • Old McDonald hosting an event for 2.0s at his farm on 12/21.  Cost is $30 per kid and times are 9am – 1pm.  2.0s can do crafts and other farm stuff (my term) while parents get their shopping done.  I like it!  For location, look for a pre-blast from OMcD.  Sign up required.
  • Union County convergence at Belk Tonawanda Park in Monroe.  This Saturday.  No Outland or Commitment.

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