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Smokey and Mr. Kotter Q

Seven strong PAX, including two 2.0’s beat the fart sack monster for a solid beatdown this a.m.

The Thang…

CT (AKA MR. Kotter… seriously where the heck have you been?) is first on Q.   Mosey over to the Ultimate Frisbee course for a warm–up COP

  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Perfect Merkin x10
  • Dynamic Planks
  • Low Slow Squats x13… err…uhmm why are we stopping at 13. Follow Q to the back field.

Partner Suicides

Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 runs to first cone. When partner 1 returns to start then switch-o-rama. Each partner take a turn at cone 1 then 2…  Probably a 50 yard course with 4 steps.  Work your way up to 4th cone and then back down.

Round 1 – AMRAP Squats and Suicides – Plank

Round 2 AMRAP Merkins and Suicides – Plank with knee to elbow right side then left

Round 3 AMRAP LBCs and Suicides – Merkins with knee to elbow right side then left (Spider man in place)

Goofy Foot and Squidward pushing the old guys.  Smokey and The Count were smoked just trying to stay one step ahead.  Mosey back to parking lot

Now that everyone is warmed up Smokey picks up the Q

Green Sally Supine Pulls ups. These truly gave the PAX a challenge.  After hanging form the bar for a solid 3.27 minutes (The duration of Flower by Moby) we were all smoked.  Hands were numb and forearms felt like they should be the size of Popeye.  YHC was saddened to look down and see mine were still closer to the size of Olive Oyl’s.  For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to do Merkins or pull ups to this song you’re missing out.

Since no one was able to feel their arms we put our legs to work for an Indian Run back to the Elem School playground for some more running and pain stations. Partner up.  Partner 1 does pain station of Q’s choice while partner 2 runs a lap.  I guessing this is a 1/8 mile track.

Round 1 Toe Taps x100 (*cumulative) Partner2 run

Round 2 Merkins x100* Partner2 run

Round 3 Crunches  x100 or x200 your call Partner2 run

Honestly I was so smoked that I probably have the pain stations wrong. (0/2 deprivation) but we did stuff and it was not easy.

Indian Run back to middle school parking lot. 10 burpees for good measure. ( I think The Late Show called this one.  (Thanks brother… I mean it…  Thanks… a lot.)

Moleskin: About 3 miles covered this a.m. good times had by all.  See above commentary.  That is all…


The Forty Club

PAX: The Count, Sweatshop, Hairband, Hoodie, Countertop

The Thang

Hairband mile. The Count rolls in mid-lap wiping the sleep from his eyes
– Penalty burpees x5 to celebrate The Count’s fashionably late arrival
– Side Straddle Hops x20
– Imperial Walkers x20
Grab a partner & kettlebell. Mosey to front of parking lot over for some hill work
Round 1
– Partner 1 Good Morning’s w/KB amrap until partner 2 does his part…
– Partner 2 Run to top the hill Merkins x10, run back down and relieve partner
– Repeato x3
Round 2
– Partner 1 pick a parking spot walk the plank the lift line merkin x1 walk back right merkin x1 amrap…
– Partner 2 Run to top the hill Squats x10, run back down and relieve partner
– Repeato x3
Round 3
– Partner 1 curls amrap…
– Partner 2 Run to top the hill Carolina Dry Docks x10, run back down and relieve partner
– Repeato x3
Round 4
– Partner 1 Leg raises with KB overhead pull amrap…
– Partner 2 Run to top the hill Freddy Mercury’s x10, run back down and relieve partner
– Repeato x3
Head back over to Ground Zero (Stations & Tunes)
– Inverted Rows / Supine pull-ups x20
– Weighted Lunge walk
– Battle Ropes x40
– KB Swings x30
– KB Thrusters x15
– Punch Out x50
Moleskin: In the spirit of showing that resolve is NOT weakened by “oldness” the PAX minimum age this a.m. was 40 plus. Although these blokes played no cricket (reference “The Forty Club” look it up) we did knock some kettlebells around for a solid 45 minutes. Kotters to Sweatshop who stayed strong while he was away. Keep on keepin on…


Seven Strong PAX were on the fields of Outland for a solid beatdown .

The Thang

Warm up Mosey over to the High School Track.


  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Perfect Merkins x10
  • LBC x20

Track Work: One Lap with a pain station at each corner and Planks until al PAX have crossed the finish line

  • First Lap: Merkins x20 , Squats x20 , Scissors Crunch x20, Plank Work
  • Second Lap: Wide Arm Merkins x20, Sister Mary Catherine x20, Leg Raises x20, Plank Work
  • Third Lap: Diamond Merkins x20, Sumo Squats x20, Heels to Heaven x20, Plank Work

Mosey over to the Filed house for some Wall Work

  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Speed Squats x20
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Carolina Dry Dock x20
  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Low Slow Squats (4 Count) x20
  • Plank with Feet On the Wall
  • CDD x20
  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Mountain Climbers on the Wall x 20

Mosey over to the Practice football field and circle up near the end zone

Rand-O-Rama COP:  Each PAX picks an exercise.  The circle performs said exercise while the PAX who called it run to the 50 yard line and back.  I don’t remember everything that was called but here are a couple of highlights.  Crab Legs started off the COP with Burpees, always a crowd pleaser.  Hoodie call Monkey Humpers so that any onlookers would be thoroughly disturbed and go home shaking their heads in confusion.  Game Show called Box Jumps but we had no box to jump on so we all jumped as high as we could, knees to chest… and we’re all in agreement that Game Show’s imaginary box, that he demonstrated on, was higher than the rest of ours.  During round 2 Carb Legs broke the circle and lined us up shoulder to shoulder to performed seal sit ups.  So 10 sit ups as a group while the end man runs, when he gets back, join the other end of the line and the next man runs, until everyone has cycled through. A couple more exercises and we’re out of time so mosey back over to the shovel flag for a final two Minutes of Mary.


Moleskin: Strong work by all. Everyone had an opportunity to lead today and the result was a thorough beat down.  Well done gents.  See above for highlights….

Short Sweet and to the Pain

After a short mosey down the dirt road behind school to tires for warm up COP and back up to the front of SVES…

The Thang

Stations and Tires

  • Kettle Bell Swings x30
  • Weighted Lunge Walk with ~ 40 lb Pack
  • Battle Rope (firehose) alternating x 40
  • Clock Merkins x30
  • Jump Rope x100
  • Punch Out x50
  • Thrusters x15
  • Run to Tires
  • Burpees with Tire Jump up x10
  • Pistol Squats on Tire x20
  • Run back to Stations

3 Minutes of Mary: 4 count Kettle Bell Sweepers x 6

Moleskin: This morning’s beat down was simple and designed for maximum strength work.  Each man of Overdrive pushed himself.  Great work by all.  Aside from some grumbling about certain song selections each man was decided committed to paying the price of pain this morning. GJ had some issues with Sheb Wooley following Black Sabbath but really who doesn’t like the classic “Purple People Eater”…

No Stairlift, No Sugar, No Spice @F3Outland

Posted on behalf of “The Late Show”…

Nice run by Kiefer, EE, and Happy!
It’s time and Countertop says “Let’s go!”

(50) Side straddle hops

The Deal
No elevators or escalators for the crew at Outland.

P1 takes the stairs while P2/P3 does work, then flip flop.
Round 1 x 3
Take stairs one at the time, exercise is dips.
Round 2 x 3
Karaoke right on stairs, decline Carolina dry docks.
Round 3 x 3
Karaoke left on stairs, flutters.
Round 4 x 3
Jump the stairs 2 or 3 at a time, squats.

Mosey to the practice field. Handoff to The Late Show. Grab a manly rock rock from the pile and line up.

Sans rock run to the tower and back (100 yards total?)
(10) ground to overhead (G2O) with your rock. (Just like it sounds. Squat down, pick up your rock, get it over your head, squat down returning it to the ground in a controlled manner for a tap and go back up).
(10) each knee mountain climbers.

(8) G2O
(8) mountain climbers.

Then 6, 4, 2. Done

Return rock then a mosey to the elementary school. Stop at the road for 10 Peter Parker Merkins.

Continue to Elementary school in an Indian run with Hairband setting overall pace.

At the playground…
For the fire breathers in the bunch:
5 pull-ups
10 merkins
15 squats
Repeat 3 x then run 1/2 lap and repeato
For those with cooler breath:
5 supine rows
5 push-ups
10 squats
Repeat 3 x then run 1/2 lap and repeato

Mosey to the elementary bus lot and line up.
Hairband calls the start for a sprint to the swing gate.

Mosey back to the middle school pkg lot for 10 burpees on your own and a round of flutters.


The Moleskine
I’m sure the pre run was magnificent. I was busy at home cooking watery eggs. CT brought the heat straight off with some nice stair work in the stadium. Awesome agility work with the single steps, karaoke, and hops. Probably a good thing Horsehead was absent (8 days since our last work place injury). And thankfully the stadium gates were open (no shoelaces or other important bits getting snagged by the chain link). After our mosey to the practice field we meet a couple ladies that were invited to F3 this morning. Sugar and spice and everything nice…. Not Mandy and Cindy. They were breathtaking to say the least. Not much chatter, just the sound of the Pax trying to breathe the frosty air. Nice hustle. That’s what makes it happen. Thank you Smokey for taking us out strong!
YHC, The Late Show.

Friday workout #F3Overdrive is having some transmission work done. The focus will be gear workouts. Check the weekly em for where you can score a sweet kettle bell.

F3 Foundation. F3’s mission includes helping organizations that help others. Check it out on the F3 website.

Welcome to FNG Zegweller!

Overdrive “Gears in Motion”

Union County beatdowns have been growing in number of PAX and sites over the past couple of years and the preferred pain delivery system has been the straight up F3 Bootcamp.  Pure and simple.  While that remains the mainstay of our area, the Site Q’s of Overdrive (YHC & Hair Band) have had conversation with some of the local leadership and decided to add a little diversity to the mix.  The solution… a reboot of F3 Overdrive.

Gear is the new name of the game at this site.

Hairband kicked off the new direction last week with 45 minutes straight of Kettle Bell Swings and Merkins (BB ). While some of the chatter went the wrong direction, hip thrusting techniques and posterior region thumb placement, the pain went decidedly in the right direction.  That was week 1…

5 Strong PAX showed up for Week 2 this a.m.

The Thang:

Mosey around the middle school perimeter with some painstations along the way to get warmed up and back to the bus waiting area (Upper Gear Stations).  Pick up a station of choice and begin cycling through.  Once you’re through the Upper Gear Stations beat feet down to the Lower Gear Stations down on the dirt access road behind the school cycle through and repeato.

Upper Gear Stations

  • KB Sings x30
  • Alternating Wave x40 w/Battle Rope (Firehose)
  • Punch Out x50 w/ 10 lb weights
  • Thrusters with two 35 lb KBs x15
  • Jump Rope x100
  • Clock Merkins (12 reps @ Twleve o clock position, 9 @ Nine position, 6 @ Six, 3 @ Three)
  • Weighted Lunge Walk

Run to lower

Lower Gear Stations

  • Burpees with Tire Jump Up x10
  • Pistol squats x20

Run to upper

Repeato, uhmm… almost.

6 MoM

Flutter, Dolly etc

Moleskin:  Strong work by all PAX this a.m.

Gear workouts have a little different feel than the traditional F3 bootcamp.  Not every week will be stations.  Some weeks will be purely COP with KBs and other weeks will involve more running.  If you don’t have a KB and plan to attend consistently a KB that is the right weight for you is worth the investment.  The weekly email suggests some good options for purchasing.

YHC admits a few Q fails this a.m.  Fail #1 a little motivational music was planned but the speakers wouldn’t connect with phone so silence.  Fail #3 too much time spent on warm up so we didn’t get through 2 full cycles of pain stations.  Fail #2 New Core exercise went over like a pile of bricks.  Chalk it up to poor direction from the Q.  We’ll give it another go in a couple of weeks.

With lessons learned and a couple weeks to find our groove the “re-gearing” of Overdrive is going to provide a good option for Union County PAX to add a little variety to their weekly routine.



Lessons Learned or Six of One, 1/2 Dozen of the Other

Post on behalf of “The Late Show”
The Thang
Let’s go.  Hairband mile to the circle up.  The proper disclaimer given, along with some material sure to provide hours of conversation between father and son, and we start a new year together at Outland, 23 strong in the silent majesty of a quiet winter morning.  Luckily no one in a bathrobe emptying chemical toilets into sewers….. Although we did have some spectacular fart sounds from 2.0 corner.
Imperial Walkers, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins.
Count off into groups and head to the back of Horsehead’s truck for some homemade F3 Christmas packages, 50 pound rucks and a couple heavy kettlebell’s.  Off we go, swapping the coupon between team members.
First stop, the bus lot for some team work.
P1 completes 5 squats with the weight while P2 and P3 do jump squats.  Trade off until all have done the work and plank it up.
While we wait on Countertop for some extra gloves…. 5 burpees on your own, along with some flutters counted out by Double E.
Pick up your package and off we go to the elementary buses, trading off as we go.
Second stop:  P1 sits on ground, P2 and P3 help him up 4 times, right arm twice, left arm twice.  Switch partners till all have gone.
Third stop:  P1 lunge walks about 4 parking spaces then hustles the coupon back to the team.  P2 and P3 are patiently exercising till it’s their turn.  2 full rounds with merkins, burpees, mtn climbers, jumping lunges, and some others thrown in.
Mosey along the gravel road behind Middle School (detour up and down the steps) back to the front of the MS and handoff to Horsehead.
With The Late Show’s all around warmup complete:
5 Hairband Miles, NASCAR style.  (The left hand turns worked well for FNG Sajak who had been wearing a loaner pair of 2 left hand gloves from yours truly)  On your own, stopping at lap 1 for 1 burpee, 2nd for 2, and so on.  Plank and wait when done.
Grinder Stations:
As teams:  P1 does Supine Rows, P2 up the hill and 10 burpees, P3 to the courtyard with the weights and back.  Settle down!  Everyone gets a turn!
On the Wall:
Everyone on the wall for some much loved People’s Chair, with Air Presses, Donkey Kicks, and Coconuts Over Banana thrown in. Along with a couple decline merkins and catching of breath.
Line up:
We hit the parking lot for some stop and go work.  Sprint between parking signs, stopping at each for 5 merkins, then hustle back to the start line.  Round 2 do some bomb jacks.
Circle up for Mary:
Double time:  Dolly’s, Heels to Heaven, LBC’s, done.
Count off and Name-O-Rama.
There is a run next Saturday, be sure to visit the F3 website for info on other Area’s of Operation in Union County.
Thanks Horse for taking us out with prayer.
The Moleskin
Welcome Friendly New Guys!  Sajak, Omaha, Hoser, Messi, Knievel, and Willie Mays Hays… Great to have you guys with us!  You might come out to sweat off a few pounds, but you will stay because you’ll make some friends & brothers.
Welcome back DonutHole and crew, good to see you guys and glad to have Donut Hole back from overseas.  Thanks again for serving our country!
Smokey and Goofy Foot 2.0 had a good father/son conversation thanks to The Late Show’s disclaimer….  Smokey to Goofy Foot as they walked back to their car:  “Son, we shave our faces, not our legs.”
Horsehead did a bang up job purchasing some surplus Army duffel bags from the Internets.  He’s so pumped that he has offered to lead us in a 6 week series on how to bargain shop on the Internet.  His shrewd and calculating equine mind helped him to talk the seller out of the original price of $10 each duffel and down to an amazing deal:  3 duffels for $30.
We welcomed Glass Joe to the coffeeteria at McD’s for his 2nd of 3 breakfasts.  Some resolve to eat a bit less when the new year starts….
Solid work by the PAX today! And great to have some 2.0’s heckling us from the sideline:  Boondock, Messi, Evil Knievel, Crazy Train, Green Machine, Raider – Thank you guys for the words of encouragement.  Nothing helps the stitch in your side quite like hearing, “Faster, you’re going to slow.”

Outlanders – Stand and Be Counted!!!

26 (Twenty Four plus Two 2.0s) Men answered the “Call to Arms” for this morning’s beatdown, in the numbers competition between Outland and our brother site Commitment.  Congrats to every Man who came out to be counted at both sites. It was great to see some guys that haven’t been out in a while (Kotters) plus an FNG on such a brisk morning.  The bar has just been raised.

The Pre-Run Thang:  Double E, Turnpike, Glass Joe, (who am i missing) arrived at 0600 for a 3-5 warm-up run.

The Main Thang

Mosey to Bus parking Lot for Warm-up

  • SSH x25
  • IW x20 (5 Burpee penalty here while Mr. Jingles joins that PAX)
  • Low Slow Squats x20
  • 5 Burpee penalty for Glass Joe poking fun @ Q for voice cracking during cadence
  • Mountain climbers x20

Indian Run to SVHS parking Lot. 4 Count Partner Sit up painstation toward that end to let everyone catch up.

4 corners around the parking Lot.  x20 each corner

Round 1

  • Regular Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Scissor Crunches

Round 2

  • Wide Grip Merkins
  • Dolly
  • Sister Mary Catherine
  • Rosalita

G. Gordon Liddy (Modified)

  • Dolly x20 (and hold)
  • Flutter x15
  • Rosalita x15 (and hold)
  • Flutter x15
  • Freddy Mercury (raised)
  • 10x v-ups

Tires, Bells and Plates (4 minutes per station)

Station 1

  • Two handed Swing x20 (KB)
  • Farmers Carry (CVS Blocks)

Station 2

  • Thusters x10 each hand (KB)
  • Turkish get up x10 (KB)

Station 3

  • Hair Burners (Plates)
  • Inch Worm (Medium Tire)

Station 4

  • Tire Pop Squats x10 (both Large) (step up while waiting)
  • Tire Flip with Jump through

Indian Run with 5 Merkin bonus back to SVMS Bus Lot

COT:  Great Work by all this morning.

Moleskin: Ther were too many guys for me to see everythign that happened this a.m. so (Audience Participation Required) Login and leave at least one comment about a memorable minute from this mornings beatdown.  Here’s a couple of notes to get you started.

  • Welcome to Wild Thing.  Good luck explaining this F3 handle to your wife…
  • Big Trade:  Posted in Sub 60 degree weather.. that’s a first.
  • Turkish Getup with 30 lb dumbells (Q-fail)  Note to self.  If you can’t demo it then it is probably a bad idea.
  • Leave your comments below.

Bear Crawl Ice Worm

7 Men arrived for this morning’s beatdown to burn some fat and make room for the upcoming holiday feasting.

The Thang

Nomadic Warmup COP around the Loop

  • run to corner 1, SSH x20, IW x20
  • run to corner 2, Mountain climbers x20, LBCs x20
  • run to corner 3, Squats x20
  • run to corner 4, Merkins x10, Windmills x10

Mosey down to sidewalk and line it up.  Bear crawl inch worm to the intersection.  This was an exercise right off of the F3 website and proved to be a core and shoulder burner.   Also, did a good job of adding a frosting to the fingertips.  Cold concrete will suck the heat right out of ya.  So the Bear Crawl Inch Worm became the Bear Crawl Ice Worm.  Although this was only a small part of the morning’s fun it’s sure to be a memorable event.

To knock the ice off the fingertips the Pax turned up the temp with some core work and sprints.

Round 1

  • Hanging Leg lifts – toes to the bar or knees to the chest x10
  • Run
  • Two handed Swing x30
  • repeato x3

Grab some wall for a rest period 1 minute of peoples chair / Balls to the Wall

Round 2

  • Flutter Kicks x30
  • Run
  • Thrusters x20
  • repeato x3

Grab some wall for a rest period 1 minute of peoples chair / Balls to the Wall

Round 3

  • Dolly’s x30
  • Run
  • Curls x10
  • repeato x3


Moleskin:  Standard beatdown this a.m. lot’s of movement to get those lungs and core muscles burning.  Everyone made a string showing.  Extra call out to Hairband who, coming off of an injury and a week’s worth of the creepin crud,  left nothing in the tank at the end of the fun.  Welcome to Short Circuit, FNG to Thrive.

The Great Smokey Mountain Pain Train

17 men of Union County Posted for a tour of the grounds and a sturdy beatdown.

The Pre-run Thang:  Glass Joe, Double E, Kieffer AKA “24” and Horse Head kicked off the morning with a 45 minute run… 5ish miles i’m guessing.

The Main Thang:  (edits may be forthcoming from Smokey)

Our appointed Q for the first half of the beatdown was the venerable Smokey.  At 6:58 we were all starting to check for emails, texts, tweets or “smoke” signals to indicate where he might be. As it turns out Smokey was right on time as he rolled into the parking lot at 6:59, Goofy foot in tow, to lead the PAX for the first half of the beatdown…  by 6:59:30 we were headed off for the first COP.

Glass Joe was a little nervous due to lack of distance between the launch point and the first COP.  He seemed to be having flashbacks to Friday’s Easy Is as Easy Does Overdrive pain, as much grumbling was heard about not having left the SVMS parking lot in weeks.  Have no fear Glass Joe,  Smokey has something horribly fun up his sleeve.


  • SSH x20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • etc.

Smokey heads off the lot calling “follow me” (Glass Joe smiling all the way) and we all mosey toward Shiloh Elem.  One Brief stop at SVES along the way for an impromptu pain station or two as everyone catches up and then the PAX land on the Shiloh track for some fun.

Pick your favorite spot for 7’s

  • 7 Pull ups / one lap around the track ~ 1/8 mile
  • 6 pulls ups / another lap around
  • (all the way down to 1)

This proved to be a gasser as each PAX picked a pull up area personally challenging and went to work.  Some PAX were on the monkey bars, some the parallel bars for some supine pull-ups and others were hanging from the rafters (Literally) at one of the pavillions around the playground.

Once complete we all loaded back onto Smokey’s pain train and headed back to SVMS with another pain station along the way and, thanks to some poking from Donkey Kong, wrapped up the run with a sprint back to the busses.

We were short on time so Smokey reined in his Wienke right about here and we moved through one round of stations at the school.

  • Step ups x 20
  • Dips x15
  • Lung walk the length of the gauntlet

And with that Smokey and Goofy headed off into he sunrise to basketball practice.  Smokey succeeded in leaving the PAX smoked.

YHC picks up the lead and we head back out toward SVHS.  At this point i get a little confused as I hear Glass Joe grumbling about getting a solid 10 miles in this morning due to his early morning pre-run.  I didn’t hear  our other pre-runners, Double E and Kiefer complaining, but I think secretly GJ loves covering the extra miles but is trying to hide it.

Mosey up the Sun Valley Crossroads for some Navy Seal style sit ups x20 (Link arms and keep your buddy close).  Recover and beat feet down the road again.  one more pause in the run as we lunge walk a bit and then break into two lines for a mosey through the parking lot.  Donkey Kong, who claims to have been hibernating for the past few months but doesn’t seem winded at all, takes this opportunity to nettle YHC for calling some confused commands during this part of the trek across campus.  In my defense, i was 02 deprived… so on with the beatdown.  Back peddle, avoid the fence and we find ourselves staring at the pot o’ gold.  some big ole tires 🙂

TIRES –  Pick a station and get to work

  • Station 1 Tire burners
  • Station 2 Tire Flips with jump throughs
  • Station 3 Steps ups and Tire Pop Squats

We had to cut the fun short due to a fast clock but we’ll revisit and have more fun with the tires another day… Line it up and Indian Run back to the shovel flag.

Moleskin: See above for commentary.  Additional call out to all the usual suspects who left it all on the field.  We covered a lot of ground and pain stations were not in short supply.   T-Claps to the up and comers like Hoodie, Lamont, Crab Legs etc. who crushed it today.  Plus a special call out to our newest member “Mr Jingles”, very strong showing!  Keep on posting and lets see strength of character to match. (Poke) 😉


That is all. – CT