Cardinal’s VQ

Cardinal’s VQ

DATE: 2023-01-19 AO: Nightmare-On-Elm Q: wildturkey PAX: teddyf3, mighty_mite, Happy Meal, Cheese Curd, rachel, sledge, lex_luthor, wingman, Loogie FNGs: None COUNT: 10
WARMUP: OCR around the cinema
THE THANG: 5- Burpees  10 Big Boys  10Heels to Heaven x 2 Run the hill x 2
10- Burpees Burpee 20 Little Baby Crunches  30 Mt. Climbers Double Count  x 3 Run the hill x 3
15- Burpees Burpees 30 Air Squats  30 Freddy Mercury’s  x 4 Run the hill 4 or 7 times
Return to home and do 10 more burpees (110 total) ANNOUNCEMENTS: CPR training at Stonehenge Blood Drive in March Think safety – have a phone, wear reflective clothes and Road ID COT: Prayers for families of all tragedies. Be the light in this world.

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