Select Each Image Containing a Skunk to Proceed

  • When:5/10/22
  • QIC: Horsehead

Select Each Image Containing a Skunk to Proceed


Stone Cold, Smokey, Chicken Wing, MAD, Lois, Funky Cold, Horsehead

7 Skunks got CAPTCHA’d at the Ye Olde Covenant of Christ this Tewesday morn.


What happened:

  • Walking disclaimer
  • Run around the back – hide and seek with MAD
  • Modified Joker ™ no contact sets on the Beetlejuice turf playground – swingset abs, derkins, pullups – 3 rounds
  • Run up and down the big hill some with KBs at the bottom – thrusters, swings, etc . . .
  • Sprints on the lacrosse field with KBs at the end – swings, snatches, lawn mowers, I forget . . .


What didn’t happen:

  • Curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • KB Indian run
  • KB toss
  • KB Imperial Walkers
  • Wet butts in the grass



It’s been a while.  Is this thing on?

It seems that backblasts have been deemed unnecessary for 2022, as shown by the A51 website.  Since being abandoned by the Wax Pax, the site now is updated about as frequently as Stone Cold’s MySpace page.  I, for one, don’t think that backblasts are unnecessary.  Especially when compared to truly unnecessary things like such as:

  • Raspberry anything
  • Road Cyclists (except you guys, yeah)
  • More than one flavor of BBQ sauce
  • Country w/ a rap interlude
  • Feelings
  • Kale
  • Fire Ants

Maybe it’s time to right the ship.  Bring back backblasts.  Text STOP to unsubscribe, but I think you guys are  missing out.

How else would you find out about Funky Cold’s discount Amazon knee brace with the gel donut insert or Smokeys uncircumcised winter beanie w/ matching oven mitts in 50 deg weather?   What about Stone Cold’s accusations of yours truly starting a Monday run workout for out of shape lubbers and never posting a single time for it.  BTW – check out the Chubby Hubby run, which allegedly meets on Mondays at the Old Bell lot.  Details are in the text thread that I silenced alerts on a few months ago.  Or how about all of the various frisbee injuries plaguing the Sardis Road crew?   I think they have a 50 percent survival rate at Joustbee these days.  I’m not seeing that reported anywhere else.  Just saying.

Anyways – we had a good time out there this morning.  Not too much of a good time, mind you.  I wouldn’t want to get reported to the Nathans by Cheese Curd for standing around.  We got after it.  Sweat was produced.  Hills were climbed.  Mistakes were made. Somebody palmed the top of my head during BOM and I was ok with it.

So get out there and work out with your friends.  Call up your old friends who don’t post anymore and get them back out too.  They’re missing out, and you are too.

We’re doing an intro to kettlebells next week to try and drum up some interest.  Come on out and take a spin.  We will have plenty of bells to share.  Lois has promised to do his Slim Fast voice impression for the first 8 participants.


Until next time


Your friend,














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1 month ago

Stone Cold also promised an “intro to frisbee” to come soon. How about an intro to backblasts or a 1st F Q school?

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