Crocodile Herman’s Bike

Crocodile Herman’s Bike

12 did what the rain hasn’t done at 0530 all week, they showed up and put the work in.  YHC was making up for his lackluster Q performance complete fartsack from two weeks ago, by taking the Q this week at Centurion.  #cotters

The focus for the workout was to honor the 19 soldiers lost during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993, 28 years ago.  Inspiration was provided by GORUCK’s MOG Mile events and the MOG mile WOD which called for sandbags in the workout.  But this ain’t SACS and YHC wasn’t bringing the coupons so we modified to partner work.  Here was the inspiration for the weinke design.

Quoting US Army Ranger Keni Thomas, “We all came to peace with it – if I die here, I die here.  But I’m not going to let it happen to the guys around me.  That’s what it became about.  We weren’t fighting for the flag, or the nation or freedom.  I wasn’t even thinking about my family.  All I thought about was that I wasn’t going to let anything happen to the guy on my left and the guy on my right.”

Reflecting on that, and focusing on the numbers 19 and 28, YHC was prepared to deliver the beatdown.

The Mole-Thang-Skine:

Pull into the parking lot at 0527.  See the relieved look on Snowflake’s face that YHC actually showed up this week.  Spend a few minutes handing out fist bumps and chatting with the pax.  Cheese Curd and Sable apparently had a hot date mile prior to the workout.  Pre-arranged on Slack for all to wonder over.  At 0530 a thorough disclaimer was handed out to the pax and we were off for a jaunt round the parking lot.  We found a tractor trailer parked opposite from McDonalds with the back open and crates of pumpkins nearby.  Someone found a long/oddly shaped gourd to which Puddin Pop commented something about pills that can help with men that problem.  What strikes YHC is that we could have each grabbed a pumpkin and no one would have known.  Even more surprising there were still intact pumpkins on the premises.  If high-school Hoover had pulled into that lot, there would have been the smashing (of) pumpkins.

Warmup by the pumpkins, SSH, IW, plank on that wonderfully smooth parking lot for shoulder taps, peter parkers, and parker peters.  At this point pax were commenting about how smooth the parking lot and the impacts to various pax’s hand model careers.  As soon as we were ready to spend the full 45 minutes on this comfortable asphalt, YHC decided to move on down the line … or across the street to the old parking deck at Charlotte Christian.  Gather around the parking deck entrance and partner up.  YHC explained weinke’s the connection to the Battle of Mogadishu.  To start pax would complete BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges 2=1, Imperial Walkers 2=1, Merkins, Plank Jacks, and Squats).  The rule was to stick together for the BLIMPS start at the bottom of the parking deck do 1 round of BLIMPS.  Then run to the next landing for 2 BLIMPS.  Continue up to the top and back to the bottom for 7 total rounds with ascending reps each time.  By the time pax hit 7 rounds, that made 28 reps of each exercise.  Back at the parking deck entrance.  Stay with your partners for 19 hand-slap merkins, 19 WWII situps with partners holding each others feet, and partner wheelbarrows 19 paces out and 19 paces back.

From there pax ran across the parking lot to the back set of stairs.  19 jump squats then up on flight of stairs.  19 heels to heaven and up to the next flight of stairs.  19 more jump squats and up to the top for 19 Boone crunches on the left and 19 Boone crunches on the right..  From there, run down the parking deck, out the door and over to the Wells Fargo parking lot.  Plank up for the 6, cross the street and get back to the start for some Mary.  As we were mid-Rosalita Crocodile Dundee rode by on Pee -Wee Herman’s bright red bike mumbling something about a group of men doing Lamaze exercises.  We politely but firmly corrected him.  We were doing Kegel exercises.

That wrapped up YHC’s first Q for Centurion.  Come back in 2 weeks for part 2 of the Hoover Centurion Q extravaganza.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for the take out.


Blood Drive – 10/29.  Mighty Mite has the details and like an elephant will remember if you don’t donate blood.

Beer Mile – 10/15.  See the #beermile channel on Slack for more information.

Centurion needs Qs.  You can signup here or catch Snowflake at a workout.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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