Swarm Backblast

Swarm Backblast

DICCS given, mosey towards Transporter’s shed and around the back of the school to the Driver Ed Lot. Circle up

Warm up

SSH x 20

IW x 15 (or 10…IDK I lost count)

Various old man stretches

The Thang

Head over to Champion forest.  5 burpee’s at each street light until to hit the first intersection

Hang a left at the intersection and head towards the pool.  Partner up.  P1 runs to playground and does 5 pull ups.  P2 does 10 mike Tyson’s and then squats until P1 returns.  Alternate until each partner does 20 pull ups.

Mosey back to intersection.  Hang a left and Indian Run to the second cul de sac on the right (Whitaker Place) for 7’s.  One Burpee at the bottom of the hill and 6 Merkins at the top of the hill. 2&5, 3&4 and so on…..

Indian Run back to entrance of Champion Forest.  Mosey back to COT slightly late

The Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning.  Thanks for allowing me to lead Sugar Daddy.


See Impromtu BB.

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