Expectation ….

Expectation ….

Today the intension was to keep the group together as I was expecting FNG’s. I had texted a group of friends about F3 and was expecting at least 1 FNG. Disappointed. 

Looked at the watch and it was time to roll. DICCS given quickly and let’s roll.

Mossey to Highschool entrance. Jump squats till 6 is in. 

20 X SSH

15 X Morraccan nigh club

15 X Imperial squats


20 Dips then run to the 1st alcove for 20 donkey kicks then run to next alcove for 20 Mike Tyson, repeat and rinse 3 times. Few abb workouts (LBC, box cutter and big bois.). Run to the high school dinning area. 20 Step ups ( 1 is 1) then run to the round about for 5 burpees. Repeat and rinse 3 times. Run to transporter’s shed. 30 air presses and 30 jabs. Run back to COT stopping at each light post for 5 merkins. Zin said I was nice for just asking for 5 merkins. Chicken was waiting for the merkins. Should have called for 10 merkins at the lights. Had little more than a min left. LBC’s, heals to heaven and big bois. Have a nice day.

Amazing group of men this morning. Everyone pushed hard fought the thick air. 


5k for mental health awareness. Check groupie of contact Chicken for details. 

IPC around the corner.

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