High Heat Low Turnout

High Heat Low Turnout

DISCC for all 3 of us in attendance, all Appetizer regulars.

The Thang

We started with a mosey around the school and warm-up in parking lot with SSH, LSS, merkins & stretching.  Mosey to other side of the parking lot for some ab exercise.   Into the woods we use the benches for step ups, dips and derkins, all 15 reps each.

Next we ran to the track and alternated with running laps and I honestly forget which exercises.

Next, mosey to the rock pile and down the road for a suicide circuit of thrusters, run to next point merkins, back to thrusters, run to merkins, then to next stop LBCs, etc.

And wrapping up with some H2H while Twinkle Toes did a quick lap around the parking lot I assume because he wasn’t hot enough, or perhaps had a mileage goal I deprived him of meeting at that point.


Very light attendance most likely because it was about 90 degrees and felt closer to 100.  We stayed in the shade most of the time but could not avoid the heat.  I’m most likely going to be out of town the next 2 weeks, and with attendance so low lately & heat so high, we may put the Appetizer on hold for a week or two.  See GroupMe for updates.


Prayer requests for Samantha awaiting test results & also my mother recovering from a non-covid virus that hit really hard


Apologies for not getting this out sooner.

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