12 days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas

It was a hot and sweaty morning in Union County as I crossed the state line on my way to Diesel to Q.

The foolish mortals had asked me to Q and I brought along Christmas… in July!

After we warmed up a bit, we started on The Thang:

Just like the song, you repeat each exercise just like the song.  The exercises are:

1 – Walk/Run
2- Makhtar N’Diayes (Pronounced Mac tar Jie)
3- Goblet squats
4- LBCs
5- Diamond merkins
6- Chest press
7- American hammers
8- Calf raises
9- Sumo Goblets
10- Lunges (each leg)
11- Lawn mowers
12- Dead lifts

Great time out there this morning.  Thanks Turnbuckle for asking me to Q!  Keep up your awesome work, you’re truly a different man than you were a year ago.  Keep giving it away!

Loved the mumble chatter this morning and I appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning.

Credo of F3: Leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him.

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