Racing against Elsa

Racing against Elsa

YHC has proudly proclaimed that it never rains at The Body Shop. Only 1 other PAX was brave enough to see that challenge today and we were not beaten by the remnants of a simple Cat 1 hurricane.


Long mosey around the parking lots and gather in front of the school entrance

  • SSH x 21
  • Moroccan nightclub
  • Squats
  • Goofballs
  • Chris Froome (goofball with hands forward, imitating the goofy awkward riding style of the 4-time Tour de France champ)
  • Stretches



Head to the awning for some coverage and

Daytona 500

  • Plank walk shoulder work for a lap around the posts
  • 10 leg reps (rotate among regular squats, back lunges, Baryshnikov squats, Captain Morgans)
  • 5 merkins (regular, T, hand release, Travolta)
  • 10x dragonflies

Repeato for 10 rounds with a bonus plank lap to finish (about 500 reps total)

Tour de France set

  • Freddie Mercury x 21 (# of stages in the TdF)
  • Run a lap
  • Repeato

Mosey to the rock pile

Joey Chestnut

  • Curls x 25 (eating the hot dog)
  • Squats with coupon x 10 (dunking the bun)
  • Spring to light, mosey back (having the runs)
  • Repeato
  • Repeato with 26 curls (to match his new world record of 76 dogs eaten in 10 minutes — what an American!)



Some days you expect no one to show for the workout — with the rain of a hurricane passing through, YHC was understanding of that and was ready to call a solo 45-minute Have a Nice Day.  But Chastain isn’t the kind of PAX to let that happen (for better or worse). He showed, wasn’t afraid of some precipitation or strange and made-up exercises. He was a great workout partner this AM, made friendly with the fine people who work at Rea View and show up by 0600 on summer mornings and pushed YHC to do better. Fine morning, fine weather, fine people.

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