Workout w/Singing Frogs in the Background

Workout w/Singing Frogs in the Background

It was a beautiful July morning and 9 PAX showed up to get in a workout before Hurricane Elsa arrives. The chirping and moaning frogs seemed to be extra loud today but gladly, no one complained. DiCCS given and away we go…..

The Warm-Up:

Mosey up to the Five Stones entrance and return to the parking lot. Circle up for some warm-up exercises all in 1-2-3 cadence: Sidestraddle Hop x 20, Moroccan Night Club x, 20, Speed Skaters, x20, Imperial Walkers x 2o Calfstretchers and Pantsrippers. 


The Thang:

While one partner functions as the timer (run backward up Mt. Chiseled and back), the other partner begins the exercises.  Each exercise is done “as many as you can” style one at a time until the timing partner returns triumphantly over Mt. Chiseled.  The exercises included all of the following. Merkens, LBCs, Curls (21s w/ coupon), American Hammers, Low Slow Squats (w/ coupon), Diamond Merkens, Shoulder Press (w/ coupon), Bobby Hurleys and ending with Kettle Bell swings. Everyone done real good with Rockwell and Recalculating leading the pack.

At precisely 6:05 am,  we are back doing a rifle carry of coupons back to the original starting point. Next, each PAX gets to choose their exercise of choice for the group. After some more grueling lifting of coupon blocks and jumping on them thanks to Fuse. Poor Loafer did not get to play this fun game as time expired just before his turn. 



My 2nd Q is now complete! Thanks to everyone for the inspiration and support. I will say that it was much easier the 2nd time. Thanks to our site leaders Loafer & Exlax for inspiring me to get out and lead a workout.

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