Ignition Backlast

Ignition Backlast

Six guys explored the gloom the get some miles in this morning.  Started with an opening mosey over to the football stadium parking lot where we discussed 4th of July and our Nantan would not spill the beans on a major announcement coming out later today.  We also made notice that Chastain’s tour of shame avoided any difficult hour long workouts.  what is he scared of??

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

20 lil baby mountain climbers OYO

Various stretches.

The Thang

Mosey over to entrance of Champion Forest.  Run to first intersection stopping at every street lamp for 5 burpees. I lost count but I have a reliable source (Gerber) that tells me its 50 burpees.

Indian run from intersection until the end of the road which is somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 mile.

mosey over to the path that cuts through to Lawson through the graveyard. once in Lawson long mosey through the trails over to the pool. (one of 2 pools that we have in our Neighborhood).

7’s at the pool.  1 burpee at the parking lot and 6 pull ups at the playground. 2 burpee’s and 5 pull ups…keep going until we hit 6 burpees and 1 pull up.

Mosey from the Lawson pool to the front of the middle school. at the middle school do 30 dips and lap around the parking lot.  20 Derkins and lap around the parking lot. 10 incline merkins and mosey to COT.


The Moleskin

I was reminded pretty early that I decided to Q today in order to avoid burpees but I made us do about 70 of them….whoops, my bad guys.

Dasher: Pre-runs and then logs another 5.5 miles at ignition. Well done. A. how many miles do you have this month and B. what time do you have to wake up to pre-run for a 5:15 workout?

Gerber: pulls a quad muscle and is still faster than 90% of us this morning.  ice up that thigh and cannot wait to read your announcement later today.

Glidah: stepped in and filled the Hurry roll this morning. I called an exercise and then we never saw him again.  he smoked us all.

Ghosted: hung with a bunch of gazelles on an indian run and did not even look tired. see what happens when you lose the sleeves.  lets those guns breathe brother.

Hollywood: you still owe us a burpee.


see Flash backblast

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