Not good at mathematics

Not good at mathematics

Yhc gave poor instructions and can’t do math. After much grumbling by the some of the pax I have enrolled myself back in 3rd grade to revist my multiplication tables.

The Thang:

Mosey to Target parking lot.

20 ssh Canadian

20 IWs

20 Hand Release merkins

Mosey to church parking lot.

Give directions and then have a audit performed on my instructions.  So we did a lot of merkins squats and bog boy sit ups. Clearly to many to count effectively. #shouldhavehadanacountant.

Mosey to elm. Do 2 jump squats at each little light on the right.

Let the FNG (Cherri Berry) decide hill or more merkins.  He wisely chose hill. Flag carrier run down then some sort of loose running up.


Great job everyone for putting up with my ridiculous Q. There was a lot of tired customers at the end though and we managed to get 2 miles in. Olaf as always had a strong showing. Ralph has really gotten after it and it shows. Rousey looked great after coming of injury. Trickle still loves his merkins. Big Tuna crushed the Muderhorn. Cold cuts did like 8000 squats. Fng Cherri Berry looked like an old pro. Picaso was all over the map but managed to find his way up the murderhorn.

I will take my Q tweak it and be back with it. Maybe MT and Strange Brew will be there too🤔

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