I’m baaaaack

I’m baaaaack

Site Qs mistakenly put a teetotaler in charge of the bar at Last Call this morning and when they realized the severity of their selection, both protested the decision by abstaining from the site for the day.  One was an understandable and unfortunate emergency, the other a shocking absence.



  • Hillbillies 11x IC
  • Moroccan Night Club 11x IC
  • Baryshnikov Squats 11x IC
  • Plank Jacks 11x IC
  • Stretchy-stretch time



Mosey to the main high school driveway

  • Run the drive stopping at each of 7 lights for 5x T-Merkins
  • Run back for 6 lunges at each light
  • Run the original direction for 5x T-merkins

Head to the benches between the tennis courts and find a special place under a bench

  • Supine pull-ups underhand grip (chin-ups) 11x
  • Supine pull-ups overhand grip 11x
  • Stagger with one hand over and one under 11x
  • Flapjack the stagger 11x
  • Get up for 11 dips
  • Straddle bench hops over the bench, bent over holding on 11x
  • Run around one set of courts

Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Mosey to the Cave

In the cave, do 11x of an exercise, then jump the wall and run the short distance to get back around to the start

  • Superman
  • Aquaman
  • W-Superman
  • Australian Snow Angels

Mosey back to COT



YHC was surprised to see Swimmers and Gump at Last Call today, but it turns out there was an alarm issue.  But that’s why Last exists, so one can “have an alarm issue” and still get a workout in.  Everyone should have that problem once a week and maybe you’ll all be leading the PAX the whole workout just like Swimmers and Gump.  It’s great to hear the Deep Dish is recovering well from having the lady doctor in his man region (better than Swimmers, amiright?) and Babyface is somehow not the in-your-face New Yorker from movies.  YHC had planned for Travolta merkins, but there wasn’t enough time — next time they will happen in order to see what kind of moves Babyface brought down from the Bronx.

There were some tough workouts during the week and YHC wanted something a little different, thus the focus on the back muscles.  Hopefully, the crew is feeling a little sore Saturday morning in some less-worked spots.  It’s also a belated 44th birthday Q which led to the set of 4 exercises with 11 reps.



If you’re not aware, there’s a blood drive Saturday at Five Stones Church.  GO!

F3 Dads Camp is open for business.  Sign up now.

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