How About Some Murderhorn Half Pipe Suicides?

How About Some Murderhorn Half Pipe Suicides?

4 Pax stepped out into the humid morning air ready to see what this week’s edition of The Brave had in store.  Spoiler alert, it had over 4 miles with lots of various things thrown in the mix.

The Thing:

Half hearted disclaimer since all 4 were seasoned vets and we were off down Ballantyne Commons.  Bang a left into Thornhill and continue into the tennis/playground area for a standard warmup.  Mosey down to the rockpile to grab a lifting rock.  The Murderhorn half pipe suicides worked like this:

20 each of curls, overhead presses and tricep extensions with your rock

Run to the furthest light pole at the top of the Murderhorn for 15 merkins

Back down to the rock pile for 25 squats with your rock

Run the other direction of the Murderhorn, towards the playground for 25 LBC’s

Repeat going to the next to last light post up the Murderhorn, etc. etc. etc. for 4 total circuits


What goes down must go up so we headed back up the Murderhorn stopping at every light for 15 jump squats then moseyed down Elm to Ballantyne Commons.  At this point we were at about 3.5 miles with 1 mile to get back to launch and about 8 minutes to do so.  YHC called 10 lunges (R=1 L=1) at every turn cut in.  Wingman didn’t think we would make it in time.  Happy Meal stated that the Q has to do 10 burpees for every minute over 6:30.  Oh ye of little faith.  Turns out they were right and we made it back at 6:32.


Great group making an absolute suckfest of a workout bearable.  I had a feeling that it would be rough, at least for YHC, but the hustle run back after the half pipe suicides was unexpected and a gasser.  I told the group that I stole the idea from a workout that Teddy did at Nightmare on Elm with something similar.  That following Saturday Mic Check told Teddy that his workout was the first to make him take a nap when he got home, so I figured that it must be good enough for The Brave.  Also, it was suggested to rename that exercise the Mic Check Sleeper Hold.  I owe the crew 20 burpees for being 2 minutes over.  I didn’t have it in me at the time.


  • Crane Relay 8/13.  Sign up on Slack.  It is going to be a great relay experience and without the fuss of a bunch of sweaty dudes crammed in a van.

Thanks Taco Stand and Sweetwater for the opportunity to lead and for overseeing the beaut that is The Brave.

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