A Really Bad Idea

A Really Bad Idea

2 minutes before start time is when the DiCCS is given. By the Q. Usually. But that requires the Q to post. At the correct site. No worries, we got this.

3 pax at The Lycan got to explore the hills I’d been planning to visit the next time I Qed. Turns out that was this morning. Woohoo!


Mosey to the back of the school, hit the handicap ramp then back up the stairs. Shine your headlamp in the parked car to freak out whoever was sitting in it. SSHs, calf stretches, Glidah stretches, mountain climbers, Merkins.

The Thang

Mosey down the gravel road past the baseball fields and find the little trail that leads to Hermitage Place neighborhood. They were nice enough to install some light posts around the roughly half mile loop. I needed to figure out what the hills looked like for the next set of exercises so for the first loop alternate 5 Merkins and 10 Squats at the lights. Turns out there’s a few hills in this neighborhood and I found a perfect one right near the entrance. After completing a bit more than one full loop we’re now at the bottom of the newly named Really Bad Idea hill, so we did some 7s: Mike Tysons at the top and Big Bois at the bottom. Yuck.

I promised Dunkin we wouldn’t do that hill again so we took the long way around with a few Merkins, Flutters (2=1, duh), and Walking Lunges thrown in for fun. Back out of the neighborhood and to the bleachers between the ball fields. Dips and Step-Ups. 30/20, then 20/10, then 15/5. Over to the playground. I used the excuse that the monkey bars were too wet so we could avoid doing pull-ups. Instead we headed to the swings to do some Swerkins. 10 OYO. Up the grass hill to the wall of the school for some “Chastain’s a Jackass”. 10 Donkey Kicks with a 10 second hold at the top. We worked our way down to 5 DKs and a 5 second hold before tapping out and moseying to the front of the school. With a few minutes left, some nicely numbered parking spots, and some suggestions from Gerber and Dunkin we did (in cadence) 9 Heels to Heaven, 8 Box Cutters, 7 American Hammers, 6 somethings, 5 Burpees, 4 Bomb Jacks, 3 of another thing, 2 things I don’t remember, and 1 Mike Tyson.

A final mosey back to COT and 30 seconds of Squats to finish us out.


The Lycan is a good site. Plenty of options with parking lots, playground equipment, neighborhoods, hills, and easy access to the offerings of the Floater. If you haven’t checked it out you definitely should. Get out of your normal routine and try something new. It won’t hurt (much).

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