Why do they call it AC/DC Radio if there’s no AC/DC?

Why do they call it AC/DC Radio if there’s no AC/DC?

5 pax circled up at Calvary on Saturday for the latest edition of Olympus. With 4 vets and 1 site FNG, a full disclaimer was provided.


SSH, IW, Windmill, prying squat, swings

  • Main Event:
  • Neupert: 10 sets of 6 double swings EMOM
  • Complex: Voodoo EMOM for 10:00 (swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, press L/R)
  • Easy strength: 4 sets of 5 reps of: SLDL, lawnmower rows, and floor presses
  • Ballistic: 10:00 of :15 on/:15 off with swings, cleans, snatches. Alternate arms every :30
  • Carries: Overhead 1:00 out/back, rack 1:00 out/back. 1:00 rest between
  • Mary: 1:00 each of elbow plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge


  • Crane Relay – 8/13 at 9pm. Teams of 5 complete 3 different courses of varying mileage.
  • GrowRUCK Metro – 8/7. Over 100 pax signed up. Leadership training and CSAUP all in one.
  • Ghost Runner is back on Thursdays at the Arboretum. Keep an eye on Slack for details.


  • Saturday’s playlist was one of the Sonos artist radio channels. I picked AC/DC since it’s a kettlebell mainstay and I figured we’d get a good mix of their music and similar awesome rock tunes. While there were some good songs, there were also some clunkers. And we probably didn’t hear any songs from the eponymous band until about 45 minutes into the workout.
  • Cobains for the delay in getting this backblast posted. We had a family trip on Sunday, so Saturday was spent preparing and Sunday driving, then it was work time.
  • Thanks to the pax for getting out there and getting after it on a steamy Saturday morning. 3-Way even made the drive from Steele Creek after I harassed him on Friday. Welcome to the kettlebell club!

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