Recovery? Nah…..

Recovery? Nah…..

Six Pax joined me for Swarm this morning and a few would have been happy just running around for an hour but we needed a little more.  Sidebar, don’t get complacent posting at sites that you know you can handle… Step out of your comfort zone and work harder, grow, get healthier, etc… I’m talking to guys that have been posting for over a year and have not tried any “hard” sites.  New guys look away! lol

DiCCS given, let’s mosey!

From COT we ran around the front of the middle and high school back around to the shed (.90 in case you’re wondering), no idea who has the poop title at this point.



Calf Stretch

Runners lunge

10 Plank Jacks IC

10 Merkins Civial Count

The Thang:

Doc Web: 1 Carolina Dry Dock/4 Bear Crawls 2/8, 3/12…10/40

I honestly forgot how brutal this is, I didn’t think I would make it until I looked over and Schnitzel was crushing it… Lets Mosey! We ran back past COT as a Pax was getting out of his car (5:31) and I yelled at him to come on.  Unbeknownst to the Pax he just joined Swarm and not Impromptu…HAHA BUT…Foundation being the kind-hearted Pax that he is directed the latecomer to the appropriate group.  I almost had him!! We moseyed all the way back to the front of the high school.

No clue what to call this… Merkin/Hammer Web. 1 Merkin/4 American Hammers.

I didn’t look around too much during this but I’m sure the form police alarms may have sounded.  I was however staring Smithers in the eye on each round of the merkins, he (we) killed it. Nice work! Let’s mosey! It was during this exercise that the Impromptu boys ran up on us and Transporter thought it would be cool to run right through our group as we lay defenseless on the ground. Transporter..What in the H**% are you doing at Impromptu?  Are you getting soft? SMH…

We moseyed back around to the shed for one more web…

Lt. Dan 1 squat/4 back lunges

Again, I forgot how awful this was as well. We did a few of the later rounds with Monkey Humpers which seemed to help ease the burn, but the last set with them was absolutely miserable! Let’s mosey, well we walked to the first light pole to gain the feeling back in our legs…

Back around through COT, hold at the stop sign.

200/400 repeats. I really like these. I stressed to the pax that the goal is to hold the same pace on each run, they crushed it! I think we ran about 4-200’s and 4-400’s. Blue Screen aired it all out on the final 200, the RR is pretty quick! Deflated with his bionic knee is back like never before…the dude is fast!!!

We held up in the curve near the senior lot and then moseyed back around towards the stadium and passed by the Impromptu pax once again as they were dropping off rocks. We continued down the sidewalk towards the shed and I see Transporter gaining on us. I told Suger Daddy that we couldn’t let him pass us so we picked up the pace. Schnitzel (this guy is a machine) was already pushing the pace and ahead of us as we run up the Yellow Brick Rd. We caught Schinzel and then Transporter passed us in almost a dead sprint, meanwhile, I’m dry heaving… Re-read the second sentence of this BB. We arrived at COT ahead of Impromptu with about 30 secs to spare. 4.5 miles recorded!

The Moleskine:

While I give Transporter a hard time in this BB I know he can hang with the best of us and best most of us. The second sentence was for the guys that don’t leave it all in the gloom. Yes, pax come to F3 for different reasons, its free, you can choose to participate in 2nd and 3rd F but this is the FIRST F..not the 2nd or 3rd.  Work hard, make gains, and encourage. I promise you other Pax will respect you more if you try harder. If you don’t care about getting in better shape then why do you wake up at 4:30-4:45 to post with a bunch of sweaty dudes? You can talk and share recipes at the 2nd F.

When Turnbuckle started with F3 a few years ago the man could barely walk and now he’s down..what 80-90LBS? Similar stories with Zinfandel, Transporter, myself, Smithers, Foundation, and many others. They work hard, they wanted to change physically. If you change physically, you will change mentally hopefully for the better and the M will definitely like it!  I’m not saying push so hard you dry heave like myself or Ice 9 but try hard(er).

I can honestly say that the Swarm crew left it all in the gloom today, they pushed hard and definitely got better because of it. Thanks for following me today, well done!

See Impromptu BB for announcements

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