Another 2.0 VQ in the History Books

Another 2.0 VQ in the History Books

We started with the usual warm up in the parking lot, which is almost a tradition for the appetizer.

We then did a bear crawl run circuit around the school, running two corners then bear crawling.

After that we did a circuit on the track, with rows, merkins, step ups, big boys, american hammers, squats, and one team member running around the track as a timer.

For a finale we went up to the back field and did a die circuit there, where the number rolled on the die is the number of cones you had to. Number 4 was burpees, and Rigley made sure that I knew.

— T1000

Moleskin (C3P0 – version 1.0)

Great seeing T1000 take on the challenge of his VQ.   A month ago it seemed unthinkable but as all the other 2.0s were leading (most younger than him) he knew he couldn’t avoid it.  He wrote the weinkie on his own and only asked if I thought he covered enough time (he did).  He made use of the cones we had, making it even easier to execute and the dice to add some fun.  My contribution was writing down a few exercises on the paper sheets he left with the cones.  Clearly his processing power is significantly upgraded from this 1.0 version.

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