The Layers Of The Earth

The Layers Of The Earth

6 Men showed up at Rea View Elementary.  5 for The Body Shop.  Only Penalty Box (triple respect) showed up for MASH.  As much as we tried to get him to roll with us, he decided to go back home and ride the bike before hitting the ice.  As for the remaining five men a shovel flag was firmly laid against a fence, no disclaimer was read, and off we went into the gloom.  Here is what happened:

Mosey around the parking a bit and back to launch where we spread out across America for COP:

  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Merkin x 15
  • Low Slow Squat x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Peter Parker x 15

Mosey over to the rock pile and grab a friendly from the earth.  Not too big, not too small.  Take said rock and mosey across parking lot, up the hill, and onto the big upper field.

Earth Day Celebration

Impressively the pax knew right off the bat the names of the 3 main layers that make up the Earth: The Crust, The Mantle, The Core.  So we decided to celebrate Earth Day by exercising our crust, mantle, and core.

The Crust:

  • Curls w/ rock x 20
  • Overhead presses w/ rock x 20
  • Triceps extension w/ rock x 20
  • run out and back to other soccer goal
  • repeato x 3

The Mantle:

  • Squats w rock x 20
  • Romanian Dead Lift w/ rock x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Calf Raises w/ rock overhead x 20
  • run out and back to other soccer goal
  • repeato x 3

The Core:

  • Rock merkins x 20 (rotate which hand is on rock)
  • Flutter Press w/ rock x 20
  • Extension sit up w/ rock x 20
  • run out and back to other soccer goal
  • repeato x 3

Mosey our rock friends back to their home on the crust of the Earth and head back to launch for a bit of Mary.

  • Freddie Mercury x 20 (last 5 slow)
  • LBC x 20


Ye Naked Moleskin:

It was an unusually crisp morning at a balmy 36 degrees.  Most of the Wax-pax must have already packed away their cold weather gear hence only 5 of us this morning wearing gloves and toboggans.  I  have been on IR for the past 4 weeks, so I knew that I had to keep the running limited.  We got around 1.5 miles total so that is the sign of a solid bootcamp workout!  There was also rumors of a meteor shower that was supposed to be wrapping up early this morning hence why we went up to the darker area at the upper field.  Unfortunately we only saw what looked like a satellite fly by, but not meteors.  Maybe it was because Point Break had just put new batteries in his headlamp that we couldn’t see the stars that well.  Big Tuna pointed out that he never thought Romanian Dead Lifts could get worse…until he had to do them with a rock.  The rock merkins seemed on paper to be the easiest because the rock just stayed on the ground.  However for at least Das Boot and YHC, those were the hardest things we did.  The going back and forth was brutal.  That and the fact I haven’t done a merkin in 4 weeks.  Chipotle kinda did his own thing all morning, which I kinda wish I followed his lead.  Thanks for having me out there this morning.  I hope you all went home and told your kids the names of the 3 layers of the Earth and then they looked at you like you were stupid because they knew that already.  Until next time…



  • Shredding event today somewhere in Ballanytne.  Das Boot says you can even take your old VCR if you need to.
  • WTF event is next week.  Waxhaw Trail Fest.  Still time to sign up.  See Slack.
  • SOB Wars on Saturday.  Something about DaVinci and Stonehenge battling each other to the death.  Best of luck, gentlemen.

Thanks for the take out Das Boot.  The birds were singing this morning!


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