Near Zero (Station)

Near Zero (Station)

Warm up: 20 each of SSH, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers.  Herschel helped me do the counting.

The Thang:

Mosey around to the school Entrance/Exit, stop mid-way. Pair up. Then divide and conquer:
Pax from each pair runs opposite direction to pain station. Complete pain station at either end of the entrance/exit:
20 Merkins, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Deep Squats, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
20 Deep Squats, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Merkins, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
Complete 3 cycles of this.
Gather up.
Mosey to cafeteria/gym side of school
20 Dips
20 Step-Ups
5 Bobby Hurleys
Mosey to rear parking lot
Grab rock:
15 Overhead Presses
15 Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
50 tight arm circles
Stay at parking lot:
While 1 Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back, the rest of the Pax do
1. Lunges
Next Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back and the rest of the Pax do
2. LBCs
And so on for the following other exercises:
3.Carolina Dry Docks
4. Freddy Mercurys
5. American Hammers
6. Speed Skaters
Mosey to steep hill behind the baseball field. This intermission brought to you by Democratic lawmakers:
3 Bernie Sanders. We felt the burn.
Recover and do:
30 seconds of Al Gore
4 Obamas. Not fun. Q required a simultaneous near-vomit and zero-station bowel evacuation at this time, but managed to keep it together and carry on after a brief pause.
Stairs at the Band Tower:  3X
Pax split into 2 groups of 4
Group 1:Run up 3 flights of stairs, do 1 Burpee at the top, run down and do 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom
Group 2: While Group 1 does stair work, Group 2 does Lunges, Squats, Side-Straddle Hops, etc.
Alternate. Repeat 3X
Mosey around the front entrance back to where we began the morning.
1 Freddy Mercury
Jog 10 yards
4 Lunges
Jog 10 yards
8 LBCs
Jog back to beginning and double everything (3 reps) so that our final rep is:
4 Freddy Mercury
16 Lunges
32 LBCs
Circle up to finish out, announcements, prayer and family picture.
Thank you to Zinfandel and Honeycomb for assisting with a couple minor modifications to the workout when Q learned we couldn’t use the concrete stairs near the football field.
Thank you to Honeycomb for inviting me to Q. A good time was had by all…
Fruit Loops

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