Why can’t we just do the same thing every week?!

Why can’t we just do the same thing every week?!

Hopper, Chopper & Runstopper – say it aloud.  It’s fun to say.  They all posted today…pretty sure Chopper was LIFO, by the way.

Great morning to post, and a crew of 21 was ready to go starting with a 5-burpee warmup.  This is when the griping started aka mumble chatter.

Below is an accounting of this morning’s events – mostly unrelated to the workout itself – aka Moleskine.

A few observations as YHC arrived with 2 minutes to spare.

  • Deep Dish was about 5 pounds lighter and hard to recognize….he also seemed to run faster this a.m.
  • Motorboat was wearing skiing/hunting gloves?  It was 46 degrees.
  • Chopper apparently stole Dish’s locks, and his headband was outstanding.  He’s not in his 70’s (though he was WD) but he’s in the 70’s
  • Circuit City was jealous of Chopper’s headband
  • Hopper forgot the shovel flag
  • Slingshot & Huddle House ran in….maybe Salt n Peppa, too?
  • Sable was the only pax wearing short sleeves….bless you, son.

Ok.  Ok.  So we did COP over in the professional building lot.  As we headed there, Spackler was already complaining that the pax spent the whole time there last week with Limey on Q.  Those that don’t do the exercises cannot complain, right?  Refusenik’s forfeit that right!

We weren’t there long.  We ran down to OP, stopping a few times for some burpees.  At one stop, some smart@$$ asked “where’s Buc-ee’s?”  Answer: already planked up and 20 seconds ahead of you lollygaggers.

Did a bunch of wall work to include Mike Tyson’s, Wallthar N’Djaiye’s, People’s Chair with overhead press, Donkey kicks and some other stuff.

Snuka was out front on the down & back runs.  If I can a) even post and b) give that kind of effort when I’m 59 – that will be cause for much thanks.  T-claps Snuks.

Pretty sure Gloss & Spackler took a lap around the school rather than the called exercises.  #modifiersextraordinaire

Runstopper said that Mike Tyson calls the exercises “Runstopper’s”

We moseyed over to John Wesley’s milieu (aka the Methodist church) for some rock work, mostly thrusters with some curls and tricep extensions.  Curls are worthless and Puddin’ said no one noticed his/him/them at the beach recently.

Was thankful for the movie trivia lesson that was delivered by Geraldo & Puddin’ during this segment.

Gloss just kept wanting to head home, so I delayed our departure of course.

Marvel was getting after it the whole time in his silent assassin way…Thunder Road & Beetlejuice likewise.  I think Beetlejuice ran in as well, but that doesn’t count as he only lives a 5-iron away from the Nest.

Speaking of silent: that word does not describe Limey’s sphincter.  Sweet mercy.

So….that’s it.  Buc-ee’s took us out in prayer.  Please keep giving thanks and praying for God’s healing for Bout Time’s son Jennings.  He’s a great God, so don’t make him too small.  Be bold when you go to him.  I promise you won’t overwhelm him (that’s you making yourself too big).

Until next backblast….




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