Graduate High School TBD???

Graduate High School TBD???

The Warmup

  1. 12 SSH IC
  2. 12 IW IC
  3. 12 second Glidah stretch per leg
  4. 12 second Hurray stretch per leg

PAX recognized the reps of 12 theme and asked if Weinke had something to do with school. I told them yes and asked if they were up for the challenge to graduate before time expired? Response: No Problem!

The Thang

The Thang was simple:

First Grade = 1 rep per exercise

  1. Merkin
  2. Squats
  3. Bib Boy Sit-ups
  4. Dips on curb
  5. Tysons
  6. Bobby Hurley
  7. Heels to Heaven
  8. Shoulder Taps IC
  9. Broad jump into a burpee
  10. Pickle Pounder
  11. Moroccan Nightclubs
  12. Goofball

Finish by running the parking lot twice

Second Grade = 2 reps of the same exercises above finishing with running the parking lot and started in Third grade doing 3 reps Repeato 12 more rounds.

The question: Did the PAX graduate before time expired? Simple answer: Nope and dropped out middle of 11th grade.

PAX really pushed hard today and amazing we actually got in the three miles running in a parking lot

After the workout, I went to Coffeteria and saw the PAX from Commitment. Popeye asked about the Weinke I put together and I explained the 12 exercises per grade until PAX completed 12th grade. He said  “That’s the Billy Madison!” I had not idea of a Billy Madison and asked what is that? He said look it up. Well, I looked it up and found Going to School with Billy Madison out of Greensboro. Read for your enjoyment.


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