Men formed from Mt. Chiseled

Men formed from Mt. Chiseled

Chiseled is always one of my favorites place to post, it is even better when you get to Q..

The Q started out as swap w/Fusebox to get him over to the Appetizer, really did not need the excuse to Q at Chiseled but was good to see FuseBox last night.
FuseBox we hope you come visit us more often at the Appetizer.

Now on to Mt Chiseled..


DICCS Giving on this perfect morning, we started with small Mosey around Mt Chiseled,  returned to circle up for a round of stretches.

Shoulders stretch
Potatoes Pickers
Legs stretch

Riffled walked Coupons over to Mt Chiseled for a little 4 corners.
1st – 10 Merkins
2nd – In/Outs
3rd – Bobby Hurley’s w/Coupon
4th – Burpee w/Coupon

After each round Mosey around Mt Chiseled, 2 rounds

Returned to circle up for a 2nd round of stretches.

Shoulders stretch
Potatoes Pickers
Legs stretch

Exercise around the Clock

6station workout w/runner for Clock.
1st – BigBoys
2nd – Speed Skaters
3rd – Mt Climbers
4th Bobby Hurley’s
5th Squats
6th V-Sit-ups
Runner is for Clock..

1 1/2 Rounds

Returned to COT for Final Found of Stretch and Out.

Lot’s of stuff going on with Rice and Beans, Contact Centerfold for Details.


1st Perfect Morning, Not to Hot, Not to Gold, Just Right.
2nd – Chiseled is a group of strong men, I wanted to make sure I stepped up to give everyone a good work out.

2 Shout outs
Chainsaw – V-Sit-up with Coupon, inspiring..  RR!!
Sneider – Man Riffled walked coupon from Mt Chiseled back to COT without dropping, after full workout.. Impressive!! R!!

Everyone pressed hard today, I appreciate the invite to Q and hard work put in to start the day..

FuseBox, let me know when you need me again, always willing to Q  Men Formed by Mt Chiseled.




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