If I didn’t have the Q, I would have been in bed

If I didn’t have the Q, I would have been in bed

Early on a Monday morning and I am 2nd in the lot.  Who beat me? Duct Work.  He usually comes in on 2 wheels.  I believe he is making up for the HC on my Sat Q, when he failed to show.  As for the other 7 guys, I think 3- Eye Chart, Aqua Fresh and Slum Dog came in on foot and the rest of us slackers drove in.  We actually picked up Slum Dog on the way in, so close to being on time!  Now we are at an even 8 and headed into the gloom to see what was in store.


Mosey across the street…literally, crossed the street to get a horrible disclaimer (vet Pax- barley needed).  We proceeded to get fully warmed up.  SSH x15 / IW x15 …I believe we are warm.


The Thang

Confirmed that there are 9 driveways on the right.  We made sure to stop at each one and did one of the following x10: diamond (chest to ground), wide arm (hand release), standard (hand release) and Carolina dry dock


Gather at the parking lot by the school for some Mary


Next movement started at the buddy benches / Panda Rock / poor mans stick shelter

3 rounds: 30 Dips and 15 (each leg) Bulgarian split squats / run around the pillar (not lamp pole)


Gather in the same parking lot and complete some more Mary


Time to run back to the AO…however stop at each speed bump for 10 burpees per x2.  Actually, continued to run to the Power Building (or whatever that is) and do some Mary.  Head over to the building that stores the blocks and shoulder carry them to the base of the church parking lot.


Once at the base, we would do 10 reps per light pole: Bi’s, Tri’s and Squats.  Then advance to the next pole with the bock overhead and set the block down.  Once there, back-peddle to the last spot and run back to your block.  6 total poles in the lot.


As the group finished up, provide some rather confusing instructions which should have been a simple cynder block press with a sit up.  We managed…


Shoulder carry the blocks back to the Power building, put them back and head to the middle gathering area of the church.


Last set since we were are running short on time.  Perform Incline Merkins x10, Decline Merkins x10 and Step ups x10 per leg.  Then run a lap around the church (top loop)


We had about 30 sec wall sit and DONE


Announcements: Aqua Fresh is famous for finding Q’s when you post.  This is actually a really cool site with tons of options.  You should check it out and volunter to Q.   Also, Eye Chart reminded us that 24 hrs Booty is going virtual this year- Search out your F3 brothers or Eye Chart’s team- Michael’s Marauders to donate.


Take out- Duck Work- thanks!


Ye Olde Mole Skinny

– Thanks for Aqua Fresh for giving me the tap to Q.  I committed to Q’ing more (or when a spot was open in 2020)  Mission success, not sure of the numbers, but I think I have 4 in July and 1 more at Hawks Nest on the 28th- set up you calendars

-Backblasts are important, make it apart of you Q duties

-If you are reading this BB and are thinking that I am doing many of the same things from previous workouts…yep!  I like a basic meat and potatoes and based on the Q’s from SOB, A51 and now A51/Metro…no repeat pax.

-This can be a run heavy workout, but I have more miles these days then I need, so we only covered 2.2 according to the satelites

-Eye Chart and One Eye were pushing the pace most of the morning, well done

-Duct Work stuck with me on the block exercises and I felt the need to stay just in-front of him

-As for the rest of the guys, sorry I was too much in my head to see the work, but this group stayed tight, so I know everyone was pushing.  Feel free to comment..however most are Metro and will never see this


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11 months ago

Textbook string of pearls, CC – thanks for answering the call with a solid & complete plan

RE: Metro – yes they will, it’s been cross-posted to Metro site! You’re welcome

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