A shot at the title

A shot at the title

11 men of somewhat questionable judgement found themselves outside a closed liquor store at 5:15 this morning…. again.

The Raintree 5K was posted on slack yesterday, so everyone knew what they were getting.  It’s an awful route and one I couldn’t pass up while we were on hiatus from the Latin campus.

Mosey down to Walmart, cut back through underbelly of the Arbo plaza and out to the backroad.  Head back to Raintree Lane and up to the light at 51.  Detailed instructions were requested as a stall tactic by several men who all clearly knew what they were here to do.  After some complaining and a few cars coming down the road we were off.  Simple enough.  All out to the end of Raintree, around the median at Providence Rd and back to the start.  Per the government satellites tracking our every move, that’s a dead on 5K.

Recover at the end, pick up the six, complain some more, do some Mary to let heart rate come down a bit.  Mosey on to ArboView Rd for a few relatively flat loops and Merkins.  Back home with 90 seconds to spare.  No one wanted to fill the time with extra burpees.


Purell told me the last night that he has a sore arse and couldn’t make it this morning.  He did not disclose the cause of the ailment.  I will let you make your own guess.  With him out I told him I had a shot at the title on the 5K.  A very long shot at best.

Unfortunately we missed the dual between Rosie and Purell on the course.  Would have been fun to watch, at least when they passed us on the return trek.  Rosie and his flowing mane cruised to an easy first.  I think he would have the Strava crown if it wasn’t for Purple Haze and Gummy stalling prior to the start.  My guess is the Garmin started the 5K clock while we were standing around answering dumb questions and gipped him out of the title.

Astro took it easy on the first down hill bomb but then took off to cruise in for an easy second.  Haze has been running strong and let me think I had a chance on the out portion, but passed me quickly on the return and crushed the hill on the way home to take the bronze (2nd in age group for the “old” category).  Turkey Leg fresh off his second false start for Boston Marathon training took it easy on me.  The thundering footsteps were close and he likely would have passed me if we had another few hundred meters at the end.

49er made his 2020 debut, straight from the couch to a speedy 5K.  Nice work brother and good to see you.  Some reminiscing about the OG BRR days of 12 man teams with TL and Gummy.  Gummy was keeping 49er close during the run.  Maybe he didn’t want to lose him again to “early work committements”

Duct Work and Fault Line followed close behind.  FYI Cheese Curd – Duct Work was not the six!  Benny and Retread rounded out the PAX with solid runs.  I think Retread wanted to pass Benny, but Benny was topless and sweat and coronavirus particles were flying into the air and it was just safer to keep a 50 foot buffer.

Nobody liked the running after that, but we had time to kill as it was an hour workout.

Virtual fist bumps and a real takeout by Astro at the end.


Good work men,



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