Do Not Read This

Do Not Read This

4 men and 3 2.0’s split the Q at the latest installment of Garage Band.


  • 2 minute run into our respective ‘hoods (1 min out / 1 min back)
  • Pax 1 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 2 calls an exercise
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 3 calls an exercise
  • Pax 2 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • 2 minute run
  • keep building the pyramid until time expires

Here are the exercises that each PAX chose as we built the pyramid:

  • Tuck – merkins x 10 (90 total)
  • Fire Hazard – overhead press w/ weight x 10 (80 total)
  • Flutie Flakes – Squats x 10 (70 total)
  • C3PO – Plank w/ 10 toe touches (60 total)
  • Johnny 5 – Freddy Mercury x 10 (50 total)
  • Odd Boy Out – LBC’s x 20 (80 total)
  • T1000 – Burpees x 10 (30 total)
  • Tuck – Slow curls w/ weight x 10 (20 total)
  • Fire Hazard – Dips x 10


Appreciated the group participation.  Is a Tuck Pyramid an easy button for the QIC?  Yes.  Is it a fun and solid workout?  Also yes.  It also tends to be a well balanced one because of the variety of exercises selected by the PAX.  The best thing about this format is that whenever you use it you are guaranteed a unique workout, never to be repeated again.  We got in ~2.5 miles which is pretty good for a 45 minute bootcamp.  T-claps to the 2.0’s (Odd Boy Out, Johnny 5 and T1000) for doing a great job picking their exercises.  Especially T1000 w/ the burpees.  Pretty ballsy!

We will continue Garage Band as long as there is demand for it.  Who knows- maybe it’ll become a permanent addition to the schedule.  YHC loves the 0630 start time which allows for a pre-run w/out waking up super early.  And being virtual, you save driving time on both ends.  For you runners it’s a great opportunity to get some running and cross training in on the same day, while still getting a decent amount of sleep.  For the non-runners you get even more sleep.  Everyone wins.


Keep checking Slack and the SCLT F3 site to keep track of all the virtual and in-person workout options in SOB Land.  Some start times are being modified as we transition back to the gloom.  The Maul is in-person tomorrow @ 0600.

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